Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Gifts For The Bride from the Practical to the Ridiculous

OK, I'm on my third cup of coffee and my mind is racing. I'm not ready for the holidays and I have to find a gift for a bride to be. So here's some ideas I've come up with and maybe while I'm brainstorming with my virtual world friends, I'll find the perfect gift.

The usual culprits: A gift card for the couple from their registry store. They get to choose what they want or what they need. Simple to pick up a gift card, not very imaginative, but very useful.

A frilly sexy nightie for the honeymoon.

A spa day if she's all stressed out.

Bridal Party Tees for a personalized tee shirt telling the world she's about to wed.

If the bride and groom have a great sense of humor:
a cake topper called the Love Pinch. From the front, its a traditional wedding
cake topper, from the back, woo hoo! I love it! This might be THE

Run for the hills when she opens this gift: A portable
Stripper Pole! Who knew you could actually buy something like this online? Cross that idea off my list, but I'm bookmarking the site because you never know. ;)

Wedding Blog of the Week

Just discovered a way cool wedding blog with a fresh perspective written by a friend. I am thrilled that Kerrie is sharing her finds and trends with all of us so please visit her blog. Kerrie has a knack for finding and ID-ing trends before they happen. How does she do it? I don't know. Where DID she find that?

Bridal Gown Blog has a cool slant on weddings. Not only is Kerrie a wedding industry pro, but she's a recent bride who had a fab, elegant, trendy, fun wedding!

Kerrie's managed to find the most fun, outrageous accessories that made her wedding freaking ah-mazing. She did a black and white polka dot theme with hot pink accents. She had a candy bar with personalized cookies using chinese take out containers. Yum. Ate the candy all the flight home...the plane hit turbulence, you could hear the black and pink candy jangling under the seat. The flight attendant had to come and check it out, we ended up sharing with everyone around us and still had candy stashed for later.

Kerrie also did a monogramed aisle cloth that was light years ahead of its time. And she wore three wedding dresses...well, one and a combo of two dresses. Read her story here: Confessions of A Three Dress Bride. What she didn't tell you is that the the designer of one of the dresses was a guest at her wedding. Actually, she designed the top of the tea length dress. When asked which dress she designed...she answered....I think the top of the reception dress. Don't hate me for spilling your secrets!
Go read Kerrie's blog. You'll love her.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buy Your Wedding Dress in December and Save Money!

Holiday Purple

Now is the time to buy that wedding dress if you want to save
yourself a lot of cash. December is the doldrums in the bridal
industry. Bridal shops are willing to make a deal and eBay
has deals on CURRENT, NAME BRAND wedding dresses
at a fraction of retail.

Bridal shops have to make room for new inventory, pay
year end taxes and make payroll. Ask for a discount,
nicely, of course. Don't expect to get a wedding dress
for three grand for a hundred bucks, but make a
reasonable offer.They may offer to throw in some
freebies that you need like
a veil, tiara, crinoline or bra. Free is good, its money
in the bank in savings. Ask them "Is this the best you
can do on this dress? What if I take the sample on
the rack and pay today?" Smile, smile, smile!
Most will be willing to negotiate in this economy.
You'll have your dress, they'll have some cash flow.
Win/win situation.

eBay has great deals on wedding dresses just make
sure you are not buying a knock off from China.
If the deal is too good to be true, it probably can't buy a wedding dress for 97 cents.
Geeze, you can't buy a tee shirt for 97 cents. But
now is the time to snag that deal on a bargain
wedding dress.

Here are two sellers that I know personally that
are selling name brand dresses at a steal!
I can personally vouch for them both:

Name brand wedding dresses at a discount!
Casablanca current styles at below retail, other
famous name wedding dresses starting at $90!

Wedding dresses from $99.00. This seller has
a lot of couture dresses at give away prices.
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