Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Gifts For The Bride from the Practical to the Ridiculous

OK, I'm on my third cup of coffee and my mind is racing. I'm not ready for the holidays and I have to find a gift for a bride to be. So here's some ideas I've come up with and maybe while I'm brainstorming with my virtual world friends, I'll find the perfect gift.

The usual culprits: A gift card for the couple from their registry store. They get to choose what they want or what they need. Simple to pick up a gift card, not very imaginative, but very useful.

A frilly sexy nightie for the honeymoon.

A spa day if she's all stressed out.

Bridal Party Tees for a personalized tee shirt telling the world she's about to wed.

If the bride and groom have a great sense of humor:
a cake topper called the Love Pinch. From the front, its a traditional wedding
cake topper, from the back, woo hoo! I love it! This might be THE

Run for the hills when she opens this gift: A portable
Stripper Pole! Who knew you could actually buy something like this online? Cross that idea off my list, but I'm bookmarking the site because you never know. ;)


  1. OMG the love pinch cake topper is hysterical! I just added it to my registry on (oh the joys of being able to add stuff from anywhere you want!). I seriously will buy this myself if no one wants to give it to me because it's a hoot!

  2. I agree, I love it. It made me laugh. Its so unexpected...great conversation piece. I just wonder how many people would think its just a traditional topper?


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