Monday, April 5, 2010

Ugly Fugly Bridesmaid Dresses, Pics of Bridesmaid Dresses from the 80's

Before you complain about the butt ugly bridesmaid dress you have to wear in your friends wedding, lets go back in time about two decades. Here's a blast from the 80's and early 90's. Be glad you don't have to wear these voluminous confections today! You say want to wear the bridesmaid dress again? You think these dresses ever saw the light of day again?

Notice how the bride always looks way more amazing than her maids...hmmm.

So the next time you go into a bridal shop and complain you can't find a dress with sleeves.......

Scarlett O'Hara would have felt right at home in these hoop skirted ball gowns. The back of the dresses had HUGE butt bows.

Mauve pink and white lace, how girly! Nothing like making your maids wear a flower girl dress.

For all of you who wish you could find dresses with sleeves, I rest my case.

Floral print AND sleeves!! The sleeves are bigger than their heads!
The bride would sometimes make the maids pad the insides of the
sleeves with tissue paper to make them stand out farther.
The bigger the sleeve, the smaller the hip appears. OMG.

Tiers and tiers of pink lace. Another fugly flowergirl, I mean bridesmaid dress.

Mauve taffeta, balloon skirts, big puffed sleeves and huge butt bows and
another huge poof hanging in the back...WTF? Don't you just love the strand of
pearls with the maids dress?

Big peach satin puffed sleeves with a peplum at the hips...and check out the bride's dress!
Do these dresses make my butt look big?

Black and white is always in style....right????

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