Tuesday, April 6, 2010

5 HOT Spring and Summer Bridesmaid Trends

Individuality seems to be the word for bridesmaids this spring and summer. Brides are letting their bridesmaids have more options for their choice of bridesmaid dresses. And when the bridesmaids are happy, the bride is happy!

Trend # 1: Wear again dresses. Yeah, we've all heard you'll wear them again, but brides are choosing short dresses in wear again fabrics. Alfred Angelo has a line of wear again eco friendly maids dresses in silks and cottons and voiles. (Hence, the eco friendly fabrics). They've photographed them with day to day accessories for the wear again part. Actually, the voile print dresses look like cute sundresses.

Trend # 2: The LBD...little black dress. Everyone has one, its the ultimate wear again dress. Bride accessorizes them with matching shoes and jewelry. Maids save tons of cash by not having to buy another dress that sits in the closet.

Trend # 3: Bride picks the color of the maid dresses and the fabric...like satin or chiffon and the length of the dress...and the maid picks the dress that she loves, will wear again and makes her look fabulous. Bride maintains the ultimate veto, she should shop with any maid with questionable fashion taste and sense. ;)

Trend # 4: Bride lets bridesmaids choose their own jewelry from their own collection. Bride specifies the color of the metal or the pearl, maid wears what she has in her jewelry box. This adds a little panache and individuality to a ho hum maids dress, yet keeps some uniformity to the wedding party.

Trend # 5: Hot colors....coral paired with turquoise, orange with hot pink, lime green with brown! Outside of the box colors are a lot more fun than mauve and baby blue.


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