Thursday, April 8, 2010

Butterfly Wedding Theme

Butterflies are a symbol of many things related
to weddings, love, long life and families in
many different cultures. Their deep meanings make
a butterfly theme the perfect wedding theme.

Butterflies in Greek mythology are linked to
the human soul. The Chinese word for butterfly
is "hu-tieh". "Tieh" means "70 years",
butterflies have become a symbol for a long
life. They also believe that butterflies
are representative of young men in love.

Japanese culture believes that butterflies
are representative of young maidens and
marital bliss. Many Japanese families
use the butterfly in their family crest.

In ancient mythology, the butterfly symbolizes
wisdom and everlasting knowledge.

In different cultures its also considered an
omen of marriage, fair weather, beauty, femininity,
birth and a bridge to a new life. Hello...bridge
to a new life...marriage!

It also symbolizes a metamorphosis from the ugly
Caterpillar to the beautiful butterfly.

There are so many ways you can incorporate the
butterfly in your wedding theme. You can pick
colors from a species of butterfly and use
them as your wedding colors. Choose bouquets of
spring or summer flowers and add a butterfly to
each bouquet. Incorporate butterflies into your
invitations, favors, programs,wedding cake and
centerpieces. There is a fine line between
tasteful and overdoing the butterfly theme.
Keep it simple and colorful and fun!

We've shown you some ideas for the butterfly
wedding theme and below the photos are some
sources for butterfly wedding items.

Butterfly floating candles

Lots of Butterfly Favors Be patient on this link,
there are a lot of results!

Butterfly Wedding Invitations

Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Cake Jewelry

Butterfly Tiara

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