Friday, November 2, 2007

Weird Wedding Dresses, Total Head Smackers

WHY?????? Why????? Don't these people know these photos will come back to haunt them?

I'd give anything to talk to the mother of the groom. Bet she is tormented by this dress to this day. Its sort of a modified belly dancer costume. I can truthfully say, I've never seen anything like this, nor do I know anyone who would ever wear this on their wedding day. Who ever made this costume did an amazing job. Gutsy!

WTF is this all about? Is she a mermaid? Does she think she's Ariel? Why wear the jacket when your mid section is bare? Bet her church has a shoulders must be covered rule, but everything else is OK.

Cowboy dominatrix? She forgot the sides of her dress. They probably used them to make those gawd awful gloves. Please God, tell me this is not real.

They love Hello Kitty in Japan. Can you imagine walking down the aisle in this pink kitty confection? Wonder what the groom wore? A lion tamer outfit? A Scooby Doo costume?

Talk about being a fanatical fan. I've never seen a line of a wedding dresses from a sports team. Nor have I ever known anyone who actually WANTED one, but she sure looks happy. Think the top is a modified game jersey? Note to Britney, NO, do NOT copy this for your next wedding.

No, this isn't Debbie Gibson from the '80's pop genre. Looks like her dress is leather. I can't imagine lacing this up. It looks like she sort of gave up and tied the lacing in a knot. What a getup for a blushing bride.


  1. OMG!!!!! Those are horrible! Never mind the bride and groom could you imagine being a guest at a wedding like this?!

  2. I just keep picturing the mother of the groom's reaction. OMG..can you imagine?

  3. oh my god i don't know who you think you are to judge what people wear to their weddings!i mean YOU might not like it but you have no right to go bitching at someone else's happiness and im sorry but that first picture up there is very beautiful and i personally would prefer wearing that dress than those big puffy flashy enormous fairytale princess dresses that are in all the wedding books they make you look like a huge wedding cake and it's totally ugly! at least she has some style and original!

  4. You can wear anything you like to your wedding. Its a free country. That's why there are a million and one styles to choose from.
    However, I still think it looks like a belly dancing costume. And I stand by my opinion.
    And big puffy flashy enormous fairytale princess wedding dresses are so yesterday.

  5. Yes, kudos for originality and all that good stuff. However, when you decide to wear something like these ladies did, you have to realize that you are subject to taunting and teasing for eternity. But hey, at least you're unique, right?

  6. I think the first dress is amazing!!! its is so unique!

    I would love to wear something like that on my wedding....

  7. I'm sure the first dress was custom made for this bride. Whomever did the dress did a great job. Here's a secret, I think its adorable on her. She definitely thought outside of the box!

    However, if I were the mother of the groom, I'd probably have a heart attack when she walked down the aisle! ;)

  8. I don't understand all you people getting mad at the criticism. Bad fashion is bad fashion. You can be unique and still look good, and frankly most of these brides look like ten dollar hookers.

  9. Seriously.
    I would like a unique dress but COME ON! Since when is being a slut unique?!!!

  10. First of all i applaud the women in these pictures. They all did what they want and had the courage to carry it out. Looking for creative options that fit my girls taste I stumbled upon this page. I was amused at the critiques by the author and more so by the comments.
    Second I'd like to point out that each of these women are smiling, so the "bad fashion" that they are accused of having is right up their alley.
    Many of you say they will be teased and tormented because of these pictures, why? It is unlikely any of you would actually have the nerve to berate the pictures in person. You might laugh and ask how they could wear something like that but I doubt you'd be so bold as to say, "you look like a slut." Mostly because telling someone such a thing is typically conceived of as an insult (not sure why) and also because you probably wouldn't be looking at the picture if you would. Why you may ask, because it is unlikely you would befriend the woman wearing it.
    So personally I have no doubts that every time the bride pulls out the pictures to show her friends they all compliment and call her beautiful. Some may even ask for her help when they get married.
    And so I state a simple idiom "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and say there is no such thing as Bad Fashion.
    I won't touch the comments that were directly insulting aside to point out your jealousy is very unbecoming.

  11. OK, Justin, First of all, there is not a jealous bone in my body. Never has been, never will be. I have what I want because I worked for it, and I AM all that.

    Secondly, are you REALLY a guy? Because I've never heard a guy make comments like you've made or even be the least bit interested in wedding fashion.

    I will agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and they all look happy. But I bet the grooms mom isn't happy with some of those get ups and I stand by my comments.

    And how do I know? I grew up in the wedding biz...I've been in a bridal shop for 33 years and I've seen it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. And I would be the first person to tell the bride the dress is unbecoming, unflattering or just in bad taste. And I also deal with the mothers of the bride and groom and I know what they think. Plus, I have sons, and if their bride walked down the aisle in one of those get ups, I'd be on the floor. Literally.

    No such thing as bad fashion? Hahhahaaaaa....please join me the next time I go to market. You won't believe what we see. And yes, I've actually asked the designer WTF they were thinking. And I have a whole possee of bridal shop owners who will back that up.

    I love creativity and unique touches when it comes to weddings. But bad taste is bad taste. Period.

  12. Wow all I can say is that you are a great writer! Where can I contact you if I want to hire you?


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