Monday, November 5, 2007

Your Wedding Coach, The Best Time To Buy & Save on Your Wedding Dress

Bet you didn't know that there is a BEST time to buy your wedding dress and save a lot of cash. During the doldrum months of November and December, any full service bridal shop will welcome your business with open arms. The reason? All brides are in holiday mode and there is little happening in the bridal salon. Sales are down and new stock merchandise is arriving by the truckload and they have to pay for it. They need to clear out the racks to make room for the new merchandise. Bottom line, they will be willing to deal and you win.

Shop during the day during the week in November or December. Not only will you get their full attention, you won't have to wait for dressing room time.

Nicely ask if there is a discount if you buy the sample dress. All they can say is no.
Nicely ask if there are any specials available to you. All they can say is no.
Nicely ask if there is anything they can do for you if you are willing to buy today. BUY TODAY is the key. Don't expect them to keep the offer on the table while you comb the world looking for a better deal. You need to be in the buying mode if you ask.

You may be pleasantly surprised at the discounts or the specials they will offer you. The bridal salons need to pay the rent, utilities, insurance and payroll during the slow times PLUS pay for all the new merchandise that is arriving. Bridal salons are willing to negotiate. (This won't work at corporate big box stores. )

Ask nicely, be nice and smile. The nicer you are, the farther you'll get. If you are demanding, you will get nowhere. If you are a genuinely nice person, who knows what you can save?

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