Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lemon Wedding Theme JUICY Summer Wedding Ideas!

Are you a bride with a lemon yellow wedding theme on your mind?  Here is our photo essay on lemon yellow weddings.
Grab a glass of lemonade, enjoy and get inspired!

Photo by Barbara Allende Gil de Biedma

For an outdoor wedding....smashing! Fab!  wOw!!
Citrus arches by Francoise Weeks European Flower Designs


Olivia Kate Couture on Etsy
How sweet is this dress and this little doll baby girl?

Louboutin wedding pumps
Hmmmm.....I don't get these as a wedding shoe with the ships on the strap.....but they are amazing shoes.

 Hand painted shoes by Norakaren on Etsy.  Shoe love! 

More yellow wedding goodies from Etsy:

Vintage Yellow Fabric Bunting Pennant Banner by Tinamagee on Etsy

Lemon yellow favor cake pops by Simply Divine Desserts
I want some!
Lemon yellow wedding bridal garter set.
One of a kind!  Save the toss garter as a headband for your first baby girl. 
One Everyday Necktie™ for your wedding. by Meandmatilda on Etsy.

For both men and boys!

Vest and Tie in Butter Yellow  has matching tutu Dress for your flower girl.

By Brandy Brown for Lovely Little Ones on Etsy, this is such a deal for your flower girl and ringbearer!

Yellow Garden Wedding Hat by Kristen of Gilded Shadows

This is one of a kind, totally unique and I just love it!  Your dress doesn't have to be yellow to wear this.  Picture this with a white, ivory or yellow dress, yellow shoes and a bouquet with yellow flowers...smashing!


 Complimentary colors to yellow:

White, Ivory, Champagne, taupe, black, brown

Tiffany blue, poole, greens, pinks, orange, red 


If you want to use yellow as your wedding color in the fall, simply add red, gold, browns, rusts, champagnes and other fall color as your accent color.  

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Obsessed With Couture Wedding Dresses! My love hate relationship with couture and a true story of my brush with couture models.

Elie Saab Haute Couture Wedding Dress 2012.....its not lined, its sheer!

My favorite time at bridal market was looking at the couture wedding dresses and talking to the designers, even though I wasn't going to buy any of the dresses. Yes, I am obsessed with couture wedding dresses for a lot of different reasons.  Most of them are not apparent to someone who doesn't have a background in dressmaking and wedding dress 
  • The fit of the dress.
  • The construction of the dress.  The design techniques just fascinate and amaze me. You don't learn these at the local sewing store. You learn them with years of schooling, training and apprenticeship with a couture house.
  • The laces.  The laces are the highest quality and not available at your local sewing store.  You won't see them on any dress other than that couture dress.  The designer probably designed the lace just for that dress and it was produced just for them.  The laces are intricate, I could stare at them all day.  I am a "lace head", even though the only time I remember wearing lace is at my own wedding. The rest of the time I dress more tailored or funky.
  • The bead work.  I have always been distracted by shiny objects.  I appreciate bead work not because its shiny, but because of the work involved in producing it. Its all sewn by hand with a needle and thread.  I've done bead work and its the most tedious time consuming job on earth.  It's also nearly impossible to do with anything but short fingernails.
  • The fabrics.  The fabrics are not the satin polyester you see in dress stores, they are silks and blends that are sumptuous and rich.  Not only do I want to pet them like my puppy, I want to hug them and rub them on my cheeks.
What I hate about couture dresses:
  • Couture wedding dresses are for a specific customer, the one in a million bride who can afford to spend $$$$$ and want the couture look and the couture label.
  • Many couture dresses are never produced, except for the fashion shows and fashion week.  Some are designed for dramatic effect, some are designed for shock value and some are designed just for just to get press and buzz.  Most of them are not for the average bride.  Elie Saab has a fabulous collection that I love, but you can see through all of them! They aren't lined!  See the picture on top. (I am sure you can get them lined, but I can't get past see through dresses for a wedding!)  The groom's mom would surely have a heart attack at the wedding!
  • The prices.  You get what you pay for, but sometimes you are just paying for the designers name. (My lips are sealed.)
  • The models.  Couture models are so skinny thin and always looked pissed off when they walk the runway.  Maybe its because they are hungry.  Anyway, its hard to translate the look to an average size or plus size bride.  
True story time: I once was in the bridal market hotel in Chicago in a room next to the couture models.  I was in the elevator with a group of tall, skinny gals with huge tote bags and I kept thinking...where have I seen you before?  I passed a news stand and the blonde was on the cover of that month's Vogue!  In person, she was thinner than she photographed. I kept running into them in the elevator or hotel hallway. The three days I was there, room service trays were outside their rooms after dinner.  All they had was diet Coke.  OMG!  My wedding pals and I went out for deep dish Chicago pizza and we invited them along.  Their answer...we wish!  I actually felt sorry for them, their feet ached, they were exhausted and they were always hungry.  I don't care how much money they make, its not the glam job its made out to be...its grueling.

Here are some pictures of St. Pucci's Haute Couture wedding dresses by Rani.  I met Rani years ago when she was starting out and was impressed by her skills and the quality of her dresses, and she was so nice! To this day, I still consider her dresses to have some of the best workmanship and quality. 

 Beautiful picture, great theme, look at the details on the hat.

 How cool is this pic?   It got my attention, which was the purpose of the stylist.

 I LOVE how they made up the model to look like a mannequin, her skin even glows like a mannequin.

OMG, the lace on this veil is to die for....notice how the dress only has a bit of lace on the skirt front? The details are in the bodice front,  the fabric flowers and the deeper color of tulle bustle in the back. 

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Alternative Wedding Dresses

Does it take a special kind of bride to wear an alternative wedding dress? A wedding dress that isn't what you see in the wedding magazines and isn't sold in bridal salons? You know, the dresses that are handmade and sold on Etsy or vintage wedding dresses from a resale shop and upcycled into something different?

I used to think the only real wedding dress were the ones sold in a bridal salon.  After all, I owned a bridal salon and I saw how the wedding dresses were constructed, fit and styled.  Yes, I'll always love them, but I started seeing dresses that were handmade or upcycled and I thought....hmmm......they are stunning. And I began to get disenchanted with the mass produced big box wedding dresses,(no names mentioned but you know who they are).  It's so boring to see the same dress at every wedding.   

I began to admire the styling, the creativity and the UNIQUENESS of these independently designed wedding dresses.  Who would think of some of the combinations of vintage doilies and antique hand dyed laces? These certainly aren't in the realm of traditional wedding dresses. 

 I have to admit, I'm in love with a lot of them.  Many of them are one of a kind, no one else will ever have your wedding dress.  Most are recycled or upcycled, which means they are green eco dresses.  And many can be worn again!

So would you wear them?   I think if I were getting married, I'd check out the alternative dress....(but I am married and not doing it again evahhh!!) before making my decision.  Some of these dresses make the perfect reception dress.

How would you wear these dresses?   With a face veil and a fascinator?  With boots?
Barefoot like the hippie girls of the 60's?  

Friday, February 24, 2012

More Tiffany Blue For Your Wedding!

Tiffany blue wedding theme.... to inspire your Tiffany Blue Wedding! 
Check out our latest Tiffany blue wedding finds.

Why we love Tiffany blue:
It looks good on all complexions.
It photographs very well.
Tiffany blue blends well with yellows, corals, pinks, golds, greens, purples, navy, browns, blacks and looks equally well with white or ivory. 
Men choose blue as one of their favorite colors.
Blue is a traditional wedding color...but Tiffany blue is the modern upgrade!

Twitter Blue Hand Painted Wedding Shoes by Norakaren

 Check out the birds on the sides and the trees on the heels!

Fab tutus on Etsy      

By Pink Frosting

Tiffany blue with yellow.
 Tiffany blue with coral.

 Uplighting to accent your color!

 Add some animal print to accent.

Always classy, Tiffany blue and black and white damask. 

Table Numbers by VintageParisMarket on Etsy....LOVE!
Tiffany fabric bunting by Boo Bah Blue on Etsy
Tiffany Damask Table Runner by Longrunners on Etsy   

 This is a cake!

Tiffany blue cookies by Lil Miss Cakes

Tiffany cake pops by Sweet Pops Shop
Cookies by Lil Miss Cakes

 Tiffany blue with yellow gold.

 Tiffany blue with shades of pink!
Badgley Mischka

Susan Jane Jewels on Etsy
Romona Keveza 

Parisxox on Etsy

Tiffany Fascinator by Weddingzilla on Etsy

Mermaids Dream Clutch on Etsy

Damask tiffany blue clutch by longrunners on Etsy

Tiffany blue garter set Weddingzilla on Etsy

Aruba, Tiffany blue seas

Tiffany blue wedding belt sash, Weddingzilla on Etsy 
Tiffany blue walls, Burano, Italy          

Beach wedding cake

Bella Beach Weddings
Tiffany cakes!

Sora Designs

Shabby chic Tiffany Blue Necklace
Serba Designs on Etsy
Art Deco Comb, Tiffany blue

Tiffany and Ivory Wedding Fascinator Etsy
Tie Dyed Tiffany Blue Slip Dress
Bridal Bling Jewelry    

Modern Wedding  Invitation

Tiffany Damask Wedding Invitation
Headliner Wedding Invitation

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