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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yeah, I'm On Etsy

Can you believe it's June already?  This year is just flying by and I haven't even thought about making a new years resolution.  I've been busy, yeah, I'm on Etsy.   I make wedding accessories and my shop is Weddingzilla  Original name, huh?  While I use the same name for everything I do online and sometimes even offline, the designs and ideas ARE original.

I joined Etsy last year but didn't have the courage to stock my shop until Christmas.  I didn't tell anyone what I was doing in my studio besides blasting classic rock and making a mess.  If I EVER get organized and if I EVER stop sewing long enough to take decent pictures, I'll share them with you.   I envy the people who have a workroom that looks like it should be in a home magazine. 

I'll describe my workroom. I have drawers of threads and sewing accessories,  bolts of fabric and ribbon and lace. Some are draped, some are piled up, some are where I intended them to be...in the organizer.  There are strings, threads, needles and pins and small pieces of cut off fabric on the hardwood floor.  Hey, its a workroom!

I have three mannequins, one dressed in a Bonny wedding dress, one dressed in MY wedding dress and another dressed in a dress that is a work in progress.  More on that later.   I have bakers racks with miniature detailed bride dresses, thank you Victoria's bridal.  I have my great aunt's wedding pictures from the late 1920's as well as her porcelain doll.  I have all the awards won my my late great bridal salon, Rosann's Bridal.   I won the best of the Knot bridal salon three years in a row!   Woo Hoo!

In the corner is a bed for my Annie, who helps her mommy by picking up tiny scraps of fabric and dragging them around the house and barking when she wants me to play. On the walls are my fashion Barbie drawings which graced my bridal salon. I bought them at a bridal market and I will part with my husband before I part with those drawings. 

My studio is my space and I love it.  If I had a big screen TV and a refrigerator, I'd never leave. 

You probably all know that I practically emerged from the womb sewing.  Mom was/is a dress designer.  I was sewing before I could properly pronounce the word "no".  I grew up in her sewing studio and in the family bridal salon. Yes, the girl can sew like her momma. I was trained by THE best. Mom designed for the elegant woman/bride, my designs sometimes take a flight of fancy.

I am in the process of redesigning/ remaking/redoing some traditional wedding dresses. That's upcycling in Etsy speak.  One I've been working on since last fall.  I put it on a mannequin and look at it, come up with an idea, work it and it goes back on the mannequin.  If I did it all at once, I would have quit months ago.

I also just did a group of "Not Your Grandma's Camo"  wedding accessories.  Camo is a wedding trend, maybe because of the pride in our military, maybe because there are people who love the outdoors and love to hunt.  Who knows? 

Not Your Grandma's Camo

I created a couture ring bearer pillow by combining vintage high end laces that I've collected over the years.  It was like putting together a puzzle.  I love it, I'm torn between selling it and having it grace my bedroom.  Its safely tucked away in my studio, lest I decide I have to have it!

Luxe Ring Bearer Pillow of Vintage Laces

Vintage Venise Lace Wedding Garter Set

I promise I will not be one of those Etsy gals who does fashion shoots with edgy models and work boots.  Nor will I photograph myself  daily wearing any of my creations in a meadow of flowers with my hair billowing in the wind.  Nor will I bore you with the outfit of the day.   You probably don't want to know but I'll share it with you anyway:  The hair color of the month is platinum blonde with brown low lights.  I am wearing a black Beatles tee shirt, denim shorts and shiny red flip flops with a huge gem on them.  On my left thumb is two colors of nail polish, green and bronze that I was testing and forgot to take it off.   Yeah, I'm so edgy........

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