Saturday, April 5, 2014

Are You A Bridezilla? Take the Bridezilla Test...The original official test!

After listening to Bridezilla horror stories, take the test 
and see if you are deserve the dubious honor.   
And in the upcoming posts, I'll share my stories. 

How to tell if you are a Bridezilla..take the Bridezilla test!

* Is the wedding all about me?

* Do I feel entitled to special treatment from everyone because I'm getting married?

* Do I obsess about every detail of the wedding and have trouble making decisions? Am I changing my 
mind and second guessing every decision I've make?

* Do I talk about my wedding 24/7?

* Do I spend hours online chatting and comparing notes with other brides?

* Are my friends avoiding me because "its all about me"?

* Is my fiancé sick of hearing about the wedding?

* Are I focusing on the wedding instead of the marriage?

* Am I having temper tantrums and anxiety attacks?

* Do I expect perfectionism in every aspect of my wedding?

* Do I expect a huge shower, a bachelorette party, etc?

* Am I in the "gimme gimme I want good gifts" mode?

* Do I spend hours looking at my online wedding registry to see what's been purchased?

* Am I lashing out at my mother, fiancé, bridesmaids and friends?

* Can I do two hours on my wedding hairdo and makeup until my friends want to scream?

* Am I bossing around the wedding party? The staff at the bridal salon? The reception coordinator?

* Do I demand to have everything my own way?

* Am I dictating hair styles, mani and pedi's and the same makeup for my maids?

* Am I complaining about my bridesmaids to everyone who will listen?

* Has any member of the wedding party stepped down due to my behavior?

* Am I telling my fiancé that all the groomsmen MUST have a fresh shave and a haircut?

* Do you insist your wedding has to be better than a cousin, a friend's etc?

*  Is your fiancé making comments about and taking criticism about your behavior?       

* Are you arguing with everyone from your fiancé to your parents to your bridesmaids?


If you answer yes to 5 or less questions: You aren't a Bridezilla.

Some wedding anxiety is normal. You need to step back and relax with your fiancé.

Take a few days off from wedding planning. Take a deep breath, it will all work out fine.

Nothing is perfect and no one will be the wiser if something goes wrong.

If you answer yes to 6 to 10 are on your way to becoming a Bridezilla.

Its time to reevaluate this wedding and marriage. Are you in love with your fiancé or in love with the 
idea of getting married?

Time to get a grip and get a clue and relax a bit. Its a wedding, its about the two of you. The rest is just a 

If you answer yes to 11 or more questions, you are a full blown Bridezilla.

Time for a major attitude adjustment and its time to make amends to everyone you've alienated during 
the planning process.

Do you really want to get married? What is making you so unhappy?

Work on what's really bothering you and the rest will fall into place.

No one wants to be Bridezilla and no one wants to be around a Bridezilla.

Someone is liable to tell your fiancé what you are all about in Bridezilla mode, buy him a pair of track 
shoes and tell him to run!

Don't let it happen to you, take a deep breath and re access your priorities.

What is normal wedding behavior?

* To be excited and focused on the wedding and marriage.

* To have dreams of wedding disasters like walking down the aisle in the wrong dress, or walking 
down the aisle naked or that no guests show up.

* To include your friends and family in the fun and planning. While your friends are part of the 
celebration, your wedding not the focus of THEIR life.

* To think about your wedding 24/7, just don't talk about it 24/7.

* To have fleeting moments of second guessing and indecision. I always tell my customers, a bad 
decision is better than no decision.

* To occasionally compare notes online with other brides and check your online registry. When this 
becomes an obsession, it signals trouble.

* To practice different makeup and hair styles, but when you have to try each one with your wedding 
dress, its becoming a problem.

* To realize that the wedding is about you and your husband starting a life together. The reception is 
just a big party!

* To want things perfect, but have the common sense to know that nothing is perfect.

Feel free to share you Bridezilla stories and I may even share some of the more unique ones here.

The Bridezilla test is copyright 2007-2009-14 by  and Weddingzilla. 

 Feel free to link to this site to share it with your friends.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

' 07 Spring Mission' by EtsyShopSecrets

Here are headpieces for any type of wedding, from floral crowns to roaring 20's to down right funky.
Center pic on the first row is by Erica Elizabeth, one of my fave headpiece designers.  
When I had my bridal shop, I carried her line Erica Koesler.  Her designs are not only gorgeous,  romantic and elegant, but the quality is far above any price you will pay.   
Check her out on Etsy by clicking on the picture.  

Unique Leopard and Lace Wedding Head Band, Bridal Hairpiece Wedding Headpiece OOAK - Weddingzilla
Wedding headpiece, bridal headband, bridal hairpiece, 1920s cloche,  style 830 - EricaElizabethDesign
Ivory Wedding Hair Flower - Bridal Hair Accessories - Wedding Headpiece - Floral Headpiece - Bridal Hair Piece - Style HP1314 - wishpiece
Boho Flower Hair wreath Bridal Halo White Gray floral crown Woodland Rustic Wedding Headpiece Bridesmaids hair Accessory Flower Girl circlet - JoolaDesigns
Pink fascinator Blue headpiece with black accents Flower hair comb Bridal fascinator Bridesmaid hair flower Wedding headpiece Hair comb - MyArtDeco
White Wedding Headpiece, Floral Hair Wreath, Bridal hair accessories, Vine Crown, Hair Crown, Bridal Crown, Flower Crown - FRONDESCENCE - hazelfaire
Geometric bridal fascinator completely hand made from ivory  straw with beatiful rhinestone center, wedding headpiece, Ivory fascinator - catalinaraceu
Vintage Inspired Bridal Headband Tiara, Wedding Headpiece, wedding tiara - divajewelrydesign
wedding headpiece, flower crown, bridal headband, wedding headband, bridal headpiece, wedding accessories, cherry blossom flower crown - serenitycrystal
Gold bridal headband, Gold flower headband, Gold wedding headpiece, Bridal headpiece, Freshwater pearls - TheExquisiteBride
Lace rhinestone Wedding hair accessory, Ivory bridal headpiece, Lace wedding Headpiece, Embroidered hairpiece, Spring wedding - MaijasWeddingBliss
Large Pearl Bridal Hair Comb, Wedding Headpiece, Rhinestone Wedding Hair Comb, Wedding Combs, Hair Accessories, Wedding Accessories - WhiteAisleBoutique
Pearl hair comb,Bridal hair comb,Wedding headpiece,Bridal hair piece,Wedding hair comb,Bridal jewelry.Wedding hair piece,pearl bridal comb - Judiscrystal
Bridal Headpiece, JENELLE, Crystal Headpiece, Wedding Headpiece, Bridal Headband - BellaCescaBoutique
Alma Bridal Headband, Rhinestone Head Band, Halo, Crown, Tiara, Wedding Headpiece, Bridal Hair Piece, Ships in 1 Month - LoBoheme
Wedding Hair Band, Wedding Hair Ribbon, Dusty Pink Rose Wedding Headpiece, Vintage Inspired Wedding Headband, Romantic Wedding Accessories - NiaPersonBridal

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spring Fever! Wedding Accessories That Scream Spring

I don't know about you, but this miserable winter has me daydreaming of spring.   I've got a major case of spring fever and  spring can't get here fast enough for me!  I look out of my window at a mountain of snow where there should be grass and I can't help but wonder....will we ever see grass and flowers this year?  Will my feet ever warm up?  Will my utility bills ever go under the national debt ceiling?  Will my poor dog ever find a place to potty?  

Annie says "Why are you making me wear this stupid hoodie?"

I have become obsessed with flowers and cruising Pinterest for pics of wedding flowers.
Inspired, I've created these:

Purple Lavender and Kiwi garter set by Weddingzilla

Wedding ring bearer pillow, hand dyed laces, ribbons and hand made flowers, OOAK!

Hand dyed laces, ribbons and spring flower garter set. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tiffany Blue Still Rocks For Weddings!

Tiffany Blue Still Rocks As A Wedding Color Fave!

Its time to revisit Tiffany Blue for weddings since its popularity continues, so here's some ideas for 2014.  Tiffany blue is a robin egg blue, with tones of turquoise and aqua.  

Brief history:  Tiffany blue is the trademark color of Tiffany &Co, a luxury jewelry and goods store.  They first used the color on their "Blue Book" , their catalog.  It is used in all their sweet boxes, bags, etc.   A visit to Tiffany's will take your breath away, the flawless diamonds, the sparkles, the jewels!   

In 1961, a comedy movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" came out starring Audrey Hepburn.  

Singer Toni Braxton used a variant of the color for her wedding 
and it became wildly popular.

Shades of Tiffany blue by Color Lovers
Tiffany blue spans a lot of shades of blue, from almost a turquoise to aqua. 

From, a complete wedding pic.  Pegeen makes the most luxurious and adorable flower girl dresses and wedding attire for the smaller members of your wedding party. 

This flower girl dress is as adorable as your flower girl!  by Pegeen
Customize her dresses to suit your wedding style. 

Aren't these two just precious?  Dresses by

ALL Maid dresses by Angelina Faccenda for Mori Lee.

I am in LOVE with the dress below, shown both long and short.

Angelesque Stilettos  What I wouldn't give to be able
to walk in these shoes!

Hand painted and adorned with crystals wedding shoes by Norakaren, 
each pair an original designed in connection with Nora.
M &M Events Chicago  

Caribbean weddings by Weddings Romantique, Oh! So romantic!


I love the coral and oranges with Tiffany blue
by Two Sisters Catering.

The feathers on the chairs catch your eye, but look closer 
at the ruffled table cloth.   Total LOVE!

OMG!  Stunning!       By Doughmesstic

Doesn't this remind you of elegant old fashioned hat boxes?
Love it!   Womansvibe

Ruffled ombre wedding cake by 
Lolo's Cakes and Sweets

Brooch bouquet by Angelicas Bridal on Etsy

Tiffany blue brooch bouquet by Sol Bijou    

Beach wedding LOVE!! Seashells and Tiffany blue
by BoHo Bridal on Etsy

Flowers by Stone Blossom 

Succulent Flowers by Love Me Sailor

Succulent boutineres!  From Ruffled Blog.
Photos by LoveMeSailor

Wedding invitation by Wedding Paper Divas.

Sleek Sophisticate by Wedding Paper Divas personalized with your pictures!

Enchanted Ending by Wedding Paper DIvas....
How much do I love this invitation?  Let me count the ways!  

We do!!!!    I love this for its simplicity and to the point...we do!

Modern Toile, the opportunity to mix Tiffany blue and toile for 
an uber elegant mix!

Shared hearts, how sweet!  By Wedding Paper Divas.

These nails are so yummy!!  Learn how to DIY here. 

DROOL!!  From

Elegant and fun dangles from The Fab Wedding 2 on Etsy.

OMG statement necklace by Brass Boheme.  I can just picture this
with a strapless gown!

Bracelet bling by Be Yourself Jewelry on Etsy.

Pick from an array of special hangers for your wedding
dress from Get Hung Up on Etsy.

Tiffany blue flower fascinator with ostrich feathers. 

Hair flower or brooch by Misunbridal

Tiffany blue headband floral crown.....LOVE!!!
by Arsi Art

Stunning fairy tale wedding garter by 
Linda Joyce Couture on Etsy.

Marie Antoinette garter by Linda Joyce Couture

Wedding Sash by Mystical Flowers on Etsy.

Tiffany blue garters by me....Weddingzilla.

Shades of Tiffany blue and turquoise wedding garter set
by Weddingzilla
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