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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Are You A Bridezilla? Take the Bridezilla Test...The original official test!

After listening to Bridezilla horror stories, take the test 
and see if you are deserve the dubious honor.   
And in the upcoming posts, I'll share my stories. 

How to tell if you are a Bridezilla..take the Bridezilla test!

* Is the wedding all about me?

* Do I feel entitled to special treatment from everyone because I'm getting married?

* Do I obsess about every detail of the wedding and have trouble making decisions? Am I changing my 
mind and second guessing every decision I've make?

* Do I talk about my wedding 24/7?

* Do I spend hours online chatting and comparing notes with other brides?

* Are my friends avoiding me because "its all about me"?

* Is my fiancé sick of hearing about the wedding?

* Are I focusing on the wedding instead of the marriage?

* Am I having temper tantrums and anxiety attacks?

* Do I expect perfectionism in every aspect of my wedding?

* Do I expect a huge shower, a bachelorette party, etc?

* Am I in the "gimme gimme I want good gifts" mode?

* Do I spend hours looking at my online wedding registry to see what's been purchased?

* Am I lashing out at my mother, fiancé, bridesmaids and friends?

* Can I do two hours on my wedding hairdo and makeup until my friends want to scream?

* Am I bossing around the wedding party? The staff at the bridal salon? The reception coordinator?

* Do I demand to have everything my own way?

* Am I dictating hair styles, mani and pedi's and the same makeup for my maids?

* Am I complaining about my bridesmaids to everyone who will listen?

* Has any member of the wedding party stepped down due to my behavior?

* Am I telling my fiancé that all the groomsmen MUST have a fresh shave and a haircut?

* Do you insist your wedding has to be better than a cousin, a friend's etc?

*  Is your fiancé making comments about and taking criticism about your behavior?       

* Are you arguing with everyone from your fiancé to your parents to your bridesmaids?


If you answer yes to 5 or less questions: You aren't a Bridezilla.

Some wedding anxiety is normal. You need to step back and relax with your fiancé.

Take a few days off from wedding planning. Take a deep breath, it will all work out fine.

Nothing is perfect and no one will be the wiser if something goes wrong.

If you answer yes to 6 to 10 questions...you are on your way to becoming a Bridezilla.

Its time to reevaluate this wedding and marriage. Are you in love with your fiancé or in love with the 
idea of getting married?

Time to get a grip and get a clue and relax a bit. Its a wedding, its about the two of you. The rest is just a 

If you answer yes to 11 or more questions, you are a full blown Bridezilla.

Time for a major attitude adjustment and its time to make amends to everyone you've alienated during 
the planning process.

Do you really want to get married? What is making you so unhappy?

Work on what's really bothering you and the rest will fall into place.

No one wants to be Bridezilla and no one wants to be around a Bridezilla.

Someone is liable to tell your fiancé what you are all about in Bridezilla mode, buy him a pair of track 
shoes and tell him to run!

Don't let it happen to you, take a deep breath and re access your priorities.

What is normal wedding behavior?

* To be excited and focused on the wedding and marriage.

* To have dreams of wedding disasters like walking down the aisle in the wrong dress, or walking 
down the aisle naked or that no guests show up.

* To include your friends and family in the fun and planning. While your friends are part of the 
celebration, your wedding not the focus of THEIR life.

* To think about your wedding 24/7, just don't talk about it 24/7.

* To have fleeting moments of second guessing and indecision. I always tell my customers, a bad 
decision is better than no decision.

* To occasionally compare notes online with other brides and check your online registry. When this 
becomes an obsession, it signals trouble.

* To practice different makeup and hair styles, but when you have to try each one with your wedding 
dress, its becoming a problem.

* To realize that the wedding is about you and your husband starting a life together. The reception is 
just a big party!

* To want things perfect, but have the common sense to know that nothing is perfect.

Feel free to share you Bridezilla stories and I may even share some of the more unique ones here.

The Bridezilla test is copyright 2007-2009-14 by www.beachbride2be.com  and Weddingzilla. 

 Feel free to link to this site to share it with your friends.

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