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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Are you ready for marriage? Can you adult? Take the test.

Are you ready for marriage?   Take the test. It's easy, it's practical. Dive in.

You are engaged to be married.  But are you ready? You say you are, but you are not sure if you are ready for the responsibility of marriage. Adulting can be hard work. Let’s find out.

  1. 1.Can you cook?  Name 5 dishes you can make from scratch.

This doesn’t include any frozen microwavable or frozen oven baked dinners.  If it comes from a package, like mac and cheese in a box, it doesn’t count. 

Scoring: 5 or more dinners: 5 million points and a high five!
4 dinners:  Good but can be great. Learn new dishes.
3 dinners: Needs improvement, keep trying.
2 dinners: Has anyone mentioned that processed foods are bad for your health? Take a cooking class STAT.
1    or no dinners: Don't you want to eat? Give it up.  You aren’t marriage material. 

2. Do you know finances and budgeting?  Do you know anything about rental contracts, mortgages, HOAs?  Do you know the cost of electric, heat, gas, water, sewer, cable, Netflix, cell phone plans?

If you only know the cost of cell phones, Netflix, the cost of drinks at various bars, you aren’t ready! Grow up, you are not ready for marriage.

3.It’s time to pay bills.  What are your priorities? If you say Netflix, phone, hair extensions, nails, beer, entertainment, sporting events and concert tickets, you are so not ready for marriage. 

4.Do you know how to change a baby?  Feed a baby? Burp a baby?  Are you able to get up during the night when the baby is crying?  Are you able to figure out if the baby is hungry, needs changed or just had a nightmare?  If you want to get married and you’ve never done any of the above, stay single and practice birth control.  You’re not ready.

5.Do you know how to do laundry?  Can you wash clothes without fading your jeans all over your light color clothes, leaving everything a blue/gray? Does everything come out dingy and wrinkled?   What did you do in college when you didn’t have mom to do your laundry?   Fail. 

A vintage spin class?  

6.What skills do you have in a crunch situation?  Do you have a flashlight in case of a power failure? Do you know how to disarm a smoke alarm?  Do you even HAVE a smoke detector? If you also have a CO 2 detector, I’ll personally get you to the church on time. You win this round of the marriage test.

A tornado is coming!  Do you gather the family and the dog and
take cover or go outside to  take a selfie in the tornado’s path and post it to Instagram? I don’t even have to tell you how to score this one.  

7. Does your job have health insurance? Do you even have a job? Do you have a clue how much doctor visits cost, medications, x-rays, blood tests, emergency room visits and hospitalizations?  Last week the doctor was going to prescribe an injection because I couldn’t tolerate a medication.  The cost? $4600 and not covered by my insurance.  And that’s a month!  WTH?  Google the cost of having a baby and be prepared to have your mind blown.

8.The dog needs to go out.  Do you walk him or let him suffer until he explodes on the carpet?  If you abuse the dog in this manner, what would you do if your baby is crying and hungry, needs their diaper changed and the wife is out grocery shopping? The kid and the dog are going to be hating on you.

9. The yard needs mowed before the city fines you for having a jungle in your yard.  Do you continue with your online gaming and ignore it or do you tell your wife to mow it because you are “busy.”  Either way, major fail. Adulting requires work before play.

10. It’s your fiance’s birthday. Do you go home right after work or stop off with friends for a drink?  If you choose stopping off, you’ll soon be single.  None of this matters, you're not marriage material. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

7 Wedding Expectations versus 7 Jolts of Reality

Are your wedding expections set too high? Do you think you have every angle covered so nothing can go wrong?  Think again.

photo from Kack.me
  • Expectation:  My wedding will be perfect.  Nothing will go wrong.

  • Reality: Murphy's Law: If something can go wrong, it will and at the most inopportune moment.  Every wedding has something go wrong.  It can be insignificant or major, like the cake falling down.  Just roll with it. Some things you just can't control. 
  • The day before my wedding I came down with a horrible cold. I was so sick that I could barely stand up and the cold meds made me sleepy and loopy.  We were getting married outside in a garden and my husband's allergies hit him as soon as I was by his side.  We laugh that he was allergic to me or that the guests thought it was his way to get out of the wedding.  As awful as we both felt at that moment, the pics show two happy people who looked great. 

  •  Expectation: It's my day, it's all about me.
  • Realty:  It's not all about you, it's about you and your partner entering into a marriage together.  It's about family and friends celebrating your union.  It's about love, and you are but a part of it. 

  • Expectation: Our wedding will be just like a royal wedding.
  • Reality : Unless your parents are royalty, you are marrying royalty, or you are the only child of billionaires, you can't afford it.

  • Expectation: My bridesmaids will be so much help.
  • Reality: Your bridesmaids will be busy with their own life, school, jobs, kids.  Don't expect them to stop what they are doing to help with a wedding chore at the drop of a hat. Don't think they will be available at your beck and call.  The more considerate you are of their time, the more they will be willing to help.

  • Expectation: Everyone's going to get along.
  • Reality: Exes who don't get along outside of the wedding may or may not behave AT the wedding. Seat mom and her new spouse and dad and his new spouse at opposite ends of the hall and station relatives nearby that will keep them from crossing paths. 

  • Maids have been known to argue and not agree.  Once at my bridal salon, a large group of maids got into a fist fight that spilled outside.  They left in separate cars leaving the bride alone in the salon crying...and with no ride for the hour and a half  drive home. PS: These women are attorneys.

  • Expectation: My bachelorette party will be a weekend in Las Vegas.
photo from Bachelorettevegas.com

  • Reality:  Unless you live in Las Vegas or nearby, its not likely to happen. I had many brides in my bridal salon cry because all the plans were messed up. Maids didn't have the money because they were college students, newly married, just had a baby, couldn't get out of work or school and they just didn't save the money to travel.  Be realistic.  And if they can go, or if they do go, don't expect them to pay your way, your hotel room, your food and all your drinks.  Party close to home and they'll love you forever.

  • Expectation: The bridesmaids are going to love the dresses I've picked out.
  • Reality: There are going to be maids that despise your choice of dress that they probably will never wear again. Keep your maids body issues in mind when you pick out dresses. If you have a maid that is large busted or uncomfortable in a strapless dress.  Allow them to add a shrug or bolero or have your maids pick out a style that flatters them in the same fabric,color and length as you specify. Your pics and wedding will look uniform and fab with all the maids looking smashing and happy. 

photo from weddings in the Philippines

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Will You Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Party?

Will You Include Your Dog In Your Wedding Party? 

If you are a dog person, like me, someone probably has jokingly mentioned having your dog in the wedding.  If you and your fiancĂ© are serious dog parents, the thought may have crossed your mind.  Or are you one of those people who just cannot fathom getting married without their best friend present? 

People do include their pets in the wedding.  We once had to make a middle age bride who brought her dog to every one of her dress fittings.  She'd say, "Do you love Momma's dress?"  He wagged his tail, so we considered it a doggie thumbs up. Or paws up.   She had a garland of flowers made for the dogs’ neck to match her bouquet and her fiancĂ©’s boutonniere.  The dog followed her down the aisle and stood between her and the groom. The wedding was at a country club.  The bride and groom walked around the reception with the dog on a leash that was encircled in fresh flowers.  As screwy as it sounded, it looked very cool in the pictures.

Another couple had their daughter, the flower girl, pull their dog down the aisle in a flower draped wagon.  It was adorable watching her little face as she concentrated on her job. The dog sat still the entire time. 

Wedding Schnauzer

I attended an out of state cousins wedding where the dog was the best man.  It was a bohemian wedding in a church on a lake.  It was picture perfect on the outside.  On the inside...well....it was different.  The officiant was a throwback hippie with his long hair in a ponytail and a necklace with both a cross and a peace sign.   The groom was barefoot in a tux jacket over jeans.  The dog had a big bow on his neck and followed the groom around.  

The bride was barefoot in a traditional wedding dress. The bride's mom, and not the dog, stole the show. She wore the top of a white bikini swimsuit with an open lace shirt jacket over white 1960's hip hugger polyester bell bottom pants.  She wore a crown of fresh flowers and shiny gold flip flops.  Seriously.   I thought I was going to pass out when she was escorted down the aisle. I didn't know if I should laugh or cry....I laughed, I snickered and did the whole surpressed laughter thing.  So, having a dog as the best man didn't seem all that unusual at this point. 

The dog was well behaved.  I don't know if he signed the marriage certificate as the best man.   I only wish I could find the pictures to show you.

So, before you plan for your dog to be a part of the wedding, ask if the church, venue, etc. will allow your pet on the premises.  Some will welcome your pet, others will not.  Even if you are having an outdoor wedding, check first. The Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas does allow your dog to be part of the ceremony as long as you have someone to keep the dog in check and on a leash.

  • Will your pet behave?  
  • Will your pet be scared by all the people, commotion, festivities?  
  • Will your pet bark, run amok or, God forbid, potty during the wedding?  
  • Will you have a pet wrangler to care for your pet during the wedding or if the dog misbehaves or is scared?  

I've never had a dog that wouldn't freak out or behave well enough to take part in a wedding.  Even thought my pets have always listened and behaved like little angels (cough, cough) at home, in public, not.  My little Annie would cling like velcro dog and have to be carried down the aisle while she whimpered. But she'd be so darn cute! Plus she'd keep her bows in her hair.

Annie Belle

Rocco Domenico

And Rocco? He'd do puppy eyes, smile, wag his tail at everyone, shake hands, high five and maybe do his Elvis lip. I can't imagine not having them at our wedding.  Spoiler: I'm married. Maybe on an anniversary....

My dogs are my family and my puppy children who provide us with lots of love and laughs. They have never spent all my money, had parties when we weren't home and wrecked my car.  There was one shoe that got chewed, but I'm over it now. 

If you are going to have your dogs in the wedding, comment and let us know how you are using them in the wedding.

If you had dogs at your wedding, tell us all about it in the comments. I can't wait to hear about it!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Don't Let Wedding Planning Torpedo Your Relationship

You just got engaged and you are walking on clouds and sunshine. Life is so amazing. Nothing can torpedo the relationship. You wake up in the night just to look at your ring and confirm it's not a dream, you are actually getting married.  Whoo hoo! Yay! We are sooooo in love. We are going to have a romantic, dream wedding.  NOTHING can go wrong, right?

photo from Naval Analyses

Before you jump headfirst into wedding planning, WHOA!  Take a break and do some serious talking with your fiance. If parents are helping pay for the wedding, talk to them also. Stave off all the arguments by making some serious decisions before you sign any contracts.

Planning a wedding, like a marriage, involves compromise.  No compromise equals constant fighting that will eventually torpedo a relationship. 

  • Are you and your fiance on the same page as to the kind and style of wedding you want?
photo from Lovemyweddingmag

If you want a formal cathedral wedding and he wants a barn wedding in the woods, there needs to be a lot of discussion and decision on type of wedding. Can you find a happy medium? Can you find a way to incorporate both of what you want and stay in budget? If you are marrying a groomzilla, look out.

  • You are different religions. Are you going to go with one religion over the other for the ceremony? Are your parents going to get into the discussion/ arguement? In what religion are you going to raise any future children?

Religion is a hot button with couples and their families. These questions need to be addressed and discussed BEFORE you make wedding plans.  I've known couples who broke up because they couldn't compromise or agree. Or because parents of one of the couple created such a situation if the groom converted to the bride's religion. The bride decided that if he'd not stand up for what he wanted as an adult, he wasn't marriage material. 

  • Money and budget.  You have saved X amount of money and parents are contributing (or not) X amount of money.  
photo from weddingvenuechicago
How are you going to spend it?  How are you going to allocate to the reception,invitations, flowers, aparel, attendants gifts, etc?
What is the most important? What is the least important?
How are you going to stick to the budget? If you overspend in one category, which categories will you cut down to balance the budget?  

  • How many guests can you afford to you invite?  This includes your family, his family and your friends.  How many invitations will you allocate to your family, his family and your friends?  
Can you stand your ground when his parents want extra invites for friends they haven't seen in 20 years?  Or your parents because people "owe them a gift" because they gifted at their friends' family wedding? Or your fiance because he wants to invite his entire fraternity and baseball team and their significant others?
Most wedding venues charge per head.  If you invite just a few extra people, or guests bring their children, it can be a budget buster.

  • Before you become mortal enemies over wedding planning, here's some things to keep in mind:
  1. The wedding is about the relationship, your relationship with each other. The wedding is NOT ABOUT THE PARTY.  If you only care about the party/reception, call a halt to the planning.  You'll save yourself from a divorce.  
  2. Take a break from wedding planning for a week or two. Take the time to de-stress, take walks, a yoga class, play with your dog, have a date night with no wedding talk.
  3. Once you and your fiance come to terms with what your vision is for your wedding, listen to others, but stand your ground. 
  4. Forget the "Is my day, it's all about me" attitude unless you want all of us to be hating on you. It's about BOTH of you and your future together. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Nearly Naked Bride and Kick Ass Wedding Finds

This weekend I was blown away with some new wedding finds and ideas.  Living in Las Vegas and having worked at Las Vegas wedding chapels, I thought I saw it all, but then BAM!  Someone had a different idea.  Like yesterday, when I saw a bride with a blue bikini thong.  She wore a long blue wig and no top.  NO TOP! OMG!!  Her wig cascaded over her breasts.  I wish I could say she looked fabulous, but she didn't.  And it was her wedding!!  I wonder how many paramedics it took to revive their moms and grandmas.  
Photo from Pinterest UK

So here's some fun finds that won't send mom and grandma into cardiac arrest.

Design and print your own wedding invitations.

Evermine weddings is a family run printing company in Portland, Oregon that specializes in custom invitations. All their materials are sourced in the USA.   You design using their templates, they print.  But before they print, you are sent a preview for your approval and a designer will go over your invitation to make sure the wording and design are perfect. You can order samples and discounts and coupons are available on their site.  This site has one of the highest star satisfaction ratings so check it out. 
Evermine also prints labels for wine bottles, coasters, hang tags, wedding favor labels, save the date cards and just about anything you can print.  I love the idea it is a USA company using USA materials and run by a family.  

Rent monogram lighting, up lights and more for your reception and its affordable

Rent My Wedding is a company that rents reception uplights, monogram lights , backdrops, photo booths, special effects and linens.  The company was started by a bride who was trying to find brides who wanted to "share" these items in order to save money on her own wedding.  The response morphed into Rent My Wedding.  She has top ratings from WeddingWire and theKnot Best of Weddings. 

The company offers free shipping to you and back to the company.  Win,Win!  Shipping has gone up so much that including it in the product rental is time and money saving.

Monogram Light from Rent My Wedding

My friend used this company for her reception and the monogram light was mind blowing, it was the focal point as you entered the reception. Having seen so many weddings, I don't impress easily, but this time I did. I thought she'd spent hundreds, she didn't, she spent $99.00 and it included shipping.   

Are you looking for personalized wedding favors?

Check out MyWeddingFavors & More. There are so many favor choices in so many categories on this site that your eyes will cross looking at them.  Decisions, decisions. They also have prices in all budget, some so affordable, it will cost you less than DIY-ing your favors.  

How cute are these cowboy boot bubble favors at $6.29 for 24 favors?  That's less than 27 cents each and they are so perfect for a western themed wedding. 

I am crushing on some of the different bottle openers. You'll never find ANYTHING like them at Bed Bath & Beyond or Wayfair. (By the way, both are some of my fave shopping spots,)  I'm loving the bling opener because I love bling, the seahorse opener for a beach wedding or the antler opener for the hunter/ rustic wedding. And maybe 20 more for all sorts of reasons.  And I can use it over and over.

Now its time to take a deep breath and relax from all your wedding planning.   Namaste.   Have an amazing week!

Friday, April 5, 2019

Bridezillas Are Real, Meet Katherine

FYI: I joined the family bridal salon as an embryo...almost.  For 33 years I learned how to run and manage a business and how every bride is special. I am the Bridezilla Whisperer, except for Katherine. 

Katherine came in for her wedding dress shopping appointment with seven bridesmaids, two flowergirls, her mother, her stepmother and her dad's latest girlfriend.   You could feel the tension, it was uncomfortable for everyone.   Katherine was organized, her notebook was full of must haves and photos of what she liked and didn't like.  The first thing she said was "I thought I would have the shop all to myself."   I'm thinking: does Walmart close for you?  Macy's? Kleinfeld's? 

It was a busy Saturday.  Seems every bride brought a full posse with her. Our bridal salon was on two floors, but with the large groups, it was crowded.  Katherine (don't call me Kathy) kept announcing she had an appointment and had the balls to ask the other brides if they did....like they'd leave to accommodate her. 

Upstairs with my best consultant to try on dresses, while I and 3 other consultants were  dealing with the main floor,  the flower girls were running around unsupervised.  I could hear jumping. Then a huge thud. It was so hard and so loud that it knocked a light out of the track lighting in the ceiling on the main floor.  One of the little ones had been jumping off the pedestals where the bride stands during a fitting...and caught her foot in the flower girl dress she had on.  Not only did she take a nasty fall, she tore the dress down the front.  Katherine says...."Your dresses are junk, it shouldn't have torn."   The skirt was taffeta and tulle...tulle tears when you run your shoe through it. Duh!!  

The flower girls were sliding down the steps on their belly..  They were running around the racks...and as God is my witness....one of them blew their nose in one of the gowns on the rack.   Kid's mom laughed and laughed. The other customers were grossed out.  I didn't know whether to cry or scream.  Dress trashed equals money directly out of my pocket.  If you are counting that's two trashed dresses.  Yes, they managed to pull down a mannequin,  tore a veil and almost ran out into the street.  I was trying to stay calm and watch the kids, but its not my job to watch YOUR kids.

They weren't out of the store 5 minutes before I get a call from Katherine.  We were rude to her.  We SHOULD have all given her our undivided attention. I had no right asking the flower girls to stop jumping and playing on the steps.  Yada, yada.  I asked her if she wanted a refund, she said she wanted her dress. I prayed she'd back out of the sale.  She wouldn't.

She dropped in unannounced at least twice a week with a list of complaints.  I never saw her happy or smile.  I wished she'd never walked in my door. I began my litany of apologies, although unwarranted, anything to shut her up.

Next came the official "You are not paying attention to me" letter that I got in the mail outlining all her slights when she was in the shop.  I signed for a UPS delivery.  I greeted a customer with a hello. I answered a question from a staff member..  Geeze.   I got on the phone and asked her just exactly what did she expect from the salon and just what did she want from me.  She said she'd let me know. She never did.

An hour later, in walks her fiance.  He was a nice looking tall guy who looked like a fish out of water in a bridal salon. He was clearly uncomfortable telling me how I'd hurt her feelings, how I looked at her like she was fat, how I didn't think she was pretty enough to wear her dress.  Clearly she was mental.  I wanted to cry because I've never treated anyone badly or hurt anyone's feelings.I'd won customer service awards from TheKnot and had the highest customer service ratings from my customers. I beat out all my competitors. I told him I was sorry if she perceived she was treated badly, but that wasn't the case. Why would I look at her as being fat when I clearly outweighed her by 30 pounds?  He admitted she had a problem.  I didn't ask what it was.  I also didn't ask what a nice guy like him is doing with a crazy gal like her. I didn't tell him to buy a pair of running shoes and run like hell. (But I wanted to.....)

This went on for month.  Katherine decided she didn't want to pay for alterations on her dress, we should do them to her for free because of  the stress we caused her.  The seamstress pulled out all of the pins of her dress and said   "I do not work days and hours for free. I have kids to feed, Take it somewhere else. "   Katherine was livid.  I wanted to high five my seamstress.  Her mom came in and paid.

A week before the wedding, Katherine showed up in tears.  I thought the wedding was cancelled. No, it was the flower girls.  They created chaos at her wedding shower. Katherine was sure they would ruin her wedding.   The bridesmaids were all arguing and canceled her bachelorette party.  Her mom, step mom and dad's girlfriend didn't buy their dresses a week before the wedding and weren't speaking to each other.  She was sobbing.  I gave her a big hug and I consoled her.  At that moment, I really did feel sorry for her.

Photo from https://inspiringpretty.com

Katherine stopped in later on in the week, like the previous visit hadn't happened. She was her normal complaining, whiny, poor pitiful me self.  She checked to make sure each pearl and bead on her dress was in place. Her maid of honor was two hours late to learn how to bustle her gown, it was already nearly an hour past closing. I was hungry, exhausted and ticked off. I'd been on my feet for 10 hours and hadn't had time to eat lunch and it was past supper time.  Then she says "On Saturday, you need to be on call all night in case something happens to my dress.  I expect you to show up and fix it.  I found your home phone number and address online."  OMG. Seriously???  Me:Speechless.

On Saturday night, if my husband had answered the phone, he'd be single.  She didn't call.  

Katherine was the bride who got under my skin, the one bridezilla I couldn't diffuse.  She caused me sleepless nights, stomach pains and lots of tears. Nothing satisfied her or made her smile.  How can someone always be so miserable? 

Several months later, my husband and I were shopping in the mall and from out of nowhere, here comes Katherine with a group of  people.  "Here comes Rose, the sweet lady who made my wedding so awesome."  I kept walking, I just couldn't.....

Monday, April 1, 2019

No One Is Going to Remember Your Wedding: Reasons You Should Jump Off the Trendy Wedding Train

Photo from StyleLovely

Wedding trends, ugh.  While they may look super hip and totally awesome, but some days I see the same thing wedding after wedding.  If I fail to look impressed, it's because the weddings before you did the same thing. And probably the wedding after you will do the same.  

"But I like it", you say.  Do you like it because it's all over the wedding sites or because you've heard or seen the buzz? Do you feel like you need to do what's trendy or because your Instagram influencer says to?  

It's time to do something that totally reflects the both of your lives. 

  • No one is going to remember your wedding.
There, I said it.  Weddings seem to hit all at once.  Friends and family are getting married around the same time frame, so you are going to a lot of weddings.  Your wedding is the same as the others.  You are one of a group that is doing camo/burlap/outdoor/farm weddings.  Everytime I see a burlap table runner with lace trim, I throw up a little in my mouth.  It was cool the first hundred times I saw it, but now...just make it go away.  

You want to stand out?  Do something different that is YOU. 
Be unique, be you!

  • Trends come and go, it may be passe by the time your wedding rolls around.
Guess what?  Trends don't last!

  • Good taste never goes out of style.  Take a tip from Coco Chanel.
Coco Chanel always said it best. 

Photos from Who What Wear

  • Don't force a theme or use the same old same old theme.
If you can't think of a theme, don't force a theme on your wedding.  Pick colors you both love, pick things that mean something to you both, presto, that's your original theme.  
Weddings used to be much simpler, they weren't themes as such, there was individuality.

  • Instead of doing what everyone is doing, bring back a family tradition to make your wedding memorable.
Every family has their own traditions, handed down through generations.  My Italian family has several.  Couples line up around the hall with their hands joined up in the air.  The wedding couple runs through the human archway.  They lower their arms and lock the couple in and make them kiss.  I always hated it and thought it was stupid and old fashioned...but at my wedding my friends loved it and thought it was so much fun.  Another family tradition is doing an Italian dance, the Tarantella, followed by a rousing polka.  All of my super cool friends joined in. Houda thot?

And the cookies..the entire extended family bakes cookies and the cookie table at the reception is massive.  The wedding is judged by the cookies.  When someone is talking about a wedding, one of my relatives is bound to ask  "How were the cookies?".  And for some reason every wedding has to have the DJ play 'Proud Mary' by TIna Turner.  I think the wedding isn't legal until the song plays.  And everyone dances all night.   Years later, (I'm still married), people still tell me it was the best wedding they'd ever been to. Yay!

  • Listening to the experts tell you what trends you MUST  follow is like me explaining string theory. *shout out to Big Bang Theory*
Everytime I look at the list of must do trends, I wonder who can actually afford to FOLLOW those trends.  Most involve a lot of cash that most couples can't afford. Notice the person talking about the trends are the ones who cater to celebrities and the very wealthy. Don't go in debt to follow any trend.  Become the trendsetter!

Be unique, be you!!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Crushing on Wedding Accessories and Other Goodies, Calorie and Carb Free, Fri-Yay's Edition

I'm crushing on these low cal and no carb wedding accessories on Fri-YAY!!
Everything I've chosen this week is custom, affordable and items you won't find in your local stores. Its all part of my 'Be unique, be you' movement. 

Beautiful floral clutch by CheriDemeter on EtsyPerfect for the bride on her wedding day and for many times after. I'm loving this with a white wedding gown and pink bouquet, pink shoes and blush maids.


White lace hand beaded fascinator hat with birdcage veil for the bride or worn as a church hat. Reembroidered lace.

Pink Fascinator with Face Veil
Created by Weddingzilla, yours truly.

Custom Wedding Garter does exactly what the name says.  The designer will craft you a couture wedding garter and you make the choices of color, style, fabric, etc.  Hundreds of color choices.

Is this lace wedding dress By Renz Rags the most romantic you've ever seen?  Wait until you see the back, its totally swoon worthy. 

Stunning pink wedding dress by Weekend Wedding Dress, so unique and in color!  Love, Love!  Sexy and sweet. 

Wedding shoes from ABiddaBling.  Not only are they gorgeous, they bling and they are as sexy as h***. After the wedding, have them dyed black and wear them with your little black dress.  Sizzling!
Or how about blush pink?