Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wedding Shoes From London, Pink!

There is a new line of wedding shoes just landing in the US from the fashionistas in London. The shoes are Pink by Paradox.

Paradox is also the same company that produces the pricey couture wedding shoe line, Benjamin Adams. Pink has all the pizzaz of the couture line, without the price. It has the details, it has the style.

The shoes are available in white or ivory satin in most styles. They can also be custom dyed. The shoes size in European sizing, so you have to convert your size as in most fine European shoes.

They are so new to the US, they are just becoming available. They are a hot- hot-hot line in the UK.

Pink also is producing some sweet children's shoes. The first picture below is a big girl look for little girls the other is all irridiscent sequins for the little princess. These are some of the cutest girls shoes to ever hit the market! They are so sweet!

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