Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wedding Veil or No Wedding Veil?

Should you wear a wedding veil with your wedding dress? Hello, you ARE a bride and you need to wear something on your head to balance off the wedding dress. A wedding dress looks unfinished without something on your head. You don't HAVE to wear the blusher over your face. A wedding veil finishes off the dress and your look. It frames your face and can actually make your face look thinner and trimmer in the photographs.

Look at the pictures above. The veil finishes your dress and your look. You look put together and the veil balances off the length of the train. It gives a more vertical look that elongates and thins.

Veils are very lightweight and are comfortable to wear once they are properly attached to your hair. Some brides choose to remove their veil at the reception after all the pictures have been taken. Most brides will wear a tiara and keep the tiara in their hair all night long. They simply remove the veil and dance all night long.

The wedding veil finishes off your bridal ensemble. There are veils with beaded edges, Swarovski crystals and delicate embroidery. Others have thin satin ribbon edge, cording or a cut or rolled edge. The bridal netting be a matte finish or a shimmer illusion called sparkle net. Your wedding veil can be the perfect topper to take a wedding dress from ordinary to breathtaking. The right veil makes you,the bride, just pop in your wedding pictures and look fresh and radiant.

The prettiest veil picture I've ever seen happened to be my niece on her wedding day. She was photographed in a flower strewn meadow. The wind caught her veil billowing in the breeze and the photographer snapped the picture at that exact moment. The picture is breathtaking and won many awards.

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