Friday, December 14, 2007

So You Hate Your Engagement Ring...

I just finished reading an article in Modern Bride about women who were
disappointed in their engagement rings. It was too big,
it was too small, it wasn't "me". Frankly, I've never seen a
diamond I didn't like, but that's just me, I've always been
distracted by shiny objects. (That's the reason I give for being
in the bridal dress biz, I get to be surrounded by shiny objects all day long!)

I had just spoken to a jeweler who said that brides don't want
anything under 2 carats for their MAIN stone. And they want
flawless stones. He said that smaller sized stones just don't sell.
I was shocked because in today's economy, how many men can afford a
stone that size? Do you really need to start your marriage in debt because
you just HAD to have a big ring?

I noticed that the rings I've been seeing on the fingers of the newly
engaged gals in the bridal salon are humongous. I've actually wondered
if they were real. Maybe they aren't?

So what should you do if you HATE your ring? You can send it to
me where it will be loved, cherished and enjoyed. ;)
Seriously, if you THINK a ring might be in your future,
how about giving him some guidance? Tell him what you want,
men aren't mind readers. He'd probably be happy for some starting
point. Show him pictures, the bridal magazines are wallpapered with
pictures of rings. Point out rings in the jewelry shop you like.

Or tell him point blank that you've always dreamed of shopping
together for your wedding ring. Then pick what you WANT and stop whining.

Or talk to his mother and tell HER what you want.
She may know what he's got in mind and you can tell her what
you'd like. Or have your mother talk to him.
Mom's do have some clout.

Some gals never get an engagement ring. When I got engaged,
we couldn't afford a diamond big enough to be seen by the
human eye. We did matching gold custom wedding bands and I was
happy. He surprised me when he could afford a diamond.
I got to choose what I wanted and it was smaller than what he
picked out for me. What was I thinking?

Other gals get small rings and cherish them. I've seen brides
gush over a quarter of a carat diamond with the gusto of a gal
who just got a rock from Cartier's.

Its all about your perception. I really want to say be happy for what
you've got. I really want to say to stop being greedy and trying
to out do your friends. I want to say that the ring isn't important,
its the thought behind the ring. But I'm not going to say it.
I'm going to say that if the ring is the most important part of the
wedding, you've got your priorities screwed up.

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