Wednesday, January 23, 2008

60's Tie Dye Trend Translates to Weddings

Style Dash says that the 60's trend of
tie dyed fashions is the hot spring trend
of 2008. The free flowing brightly colored
garments of the flower children are back.

You can translate the look to your wedding.
For the nontraditional bride with a fashion flare,
here are a few links to get the ideas flowing.

Cindy's wedding not only featured a tie dyed
wedding dress, but a tie dyed cake. So cool!

Jen Carter from has a lot
of tips on a tie dyed wedding gown. Click here.

Cassandra Bromfield offers tie dyed wedding
fashions for the bride.

For information on finding a dyer to dye your
wedding dress, click here. Very informative article!

And for a delicious tie dyed cheescake recipe
that will make your mouth water, you have to
go to Baking Delights. YUMMMMM. Wouldn't
this make a great bridal shower desert?

For those of you who want to tie dye
your own clothing, here are some
dvd's and books to help you feed
your wedding creativity!

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