Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Plastic Surgery For Your Wedding?

Would you get plastic surgery for your
wedding? The latest buzz is that brides
ARE meeting with plastic surgeons to be
perfect for their wedding day. The television news
had a sweeps segment on brides who are doing
surgery because they can.

Would you? Are brides buying into Hollywood's
skewed view of perfection and beauty?

The brides on camera chose breast augmentation as
the number one surgery. They also spoke
about rhinoplasty, botox and one even spoke about
having a Brazilian butt lift. One said she chose
liposuction so she "felt better" in her dress. Another
had a tummy tuck so she'd look good in her bikini.

People, these are real surgeries involving real doctors,
real pain and real time to recover. It also involves
real surgical risks. Remember Kanye West's mom?

I have no problems with dieting and cosmetic dentistry.
There's a big difference between teeth whitening and
a tummy tuck.

Instead of a tummy tuck or liposuction...how about
dieting and exercise? If the dress doesn't feel right,
have it let out. Instead of a bikini, wear a one piece
bathing suit.

Instead of breast augmentation, have your seamstress
sew in bra gel cups. They support, look natural and add
at least one cup size. There are ways to look busty in
a dress and its not a secret. Find a dress that enhances
your bust line. They are out there, your bridal consultant
can help you. Look for draping or rousching across the
bustline, accent your waist to draw the eye into an hourglass
figure. Its not rocket science.

Instead of visiting a plastic surgeon, visit a dermatologist.
Have a facial and a pedicure and get on a skin care
regimen. Drink lots of water so your skin looks fresh.
Get enough sleep so you don't look exhausted. Take
vitamins and take care of yourself.

Hire a make up artist to enhance your best features and
hide your flaws for the big day. Go to your hairstylist
in advance and practice hairdos, color and cuts. Nix the
gawdawful hair extensions because they look fake
in wedding photos.

Instead of baking yourself in a tanning booth, try a spray
on tan. If they can do it on 'Dancing With the Stars', you
can too. It will keep your skin from looking leathery and
aged. I've seen raccoon eyes from tanning booth
goggles and it looks strange in person and in the photos.
It also shows up wrinkles big time. Try Jergens Natural
Face Glow on your face for a naturally tanned look. The
best part? No wrinkles, just smooth skin and a soft color.

If you have back fat over the top of your strapless dress,
you don't need lipo. Your dress is too tight.

If your dress bunches at the waistline, you don't need lipo.
Your dress is too tight.

If you can't sit in your dress, you don't need lipo. Your dress
is too tight. Have your seamstress let out the dress, buy a pair
of Spanx and relax.

Use your head before you go under the knife.

But I really want to know: Would you have plastic
surgery for your wedding? And why? Or do you think
this is shallow? Please comment.


  1. Goodness! Plastic surgery for your wedding is taking it too far. Are you kidding me? I'm all for dieting and stepping up on your exercise regime and even the teeth whitening as you mention, but going under the knife to shed some unwanted pounds is ridiculous and dangerous.

  2. There's a twist to this story.
    In Hollywood, they are getting
    botox in their underarms to avoid
    sweating. And...the best part..
    if you get botox under your breasts.
    it will make you perkier.
    Oh, please! That HAS to hurt.


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