Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Quest For THE Wedding Dress is Universal, Why Wear White?

I came across an interesting post from the New York magazine.
The Lesbian Brides Handbook by Ariel Levy details her quest
for THE dress. Not wanting to wear white, she found her
dream dress and it was a stunning blue gown with hand painted

The struggle to find the dress is universal, shared by all brides.

Not all brides WANT to wear white. Some gals look scary ghostly
in white. Sometimes even creamy white or ivory will give your
complexion yellow tones. White isn't for everyone. It wasn't
for me.

Soft pinks are wonderful for the complexion and giving you
the blushing bride glow in pictures. Soft blues are traditional.
Gold looks great with a tan. Silvers and platinums are harder
to wear but look great on an icy blonde.

Many of today's wedding dresses are incorporating color into
the gown. Some are solid color and bling. I've yet to have a
midwest bride bold enough to purchase an all red dress, but
I see it coming. Once a trend is fully entrenched, the local
fashionistas will be all over it.

I attended a wedding in Las Vegas where the bride was in the
most stunning red gown and I was dazzled. I would wear red.
Hell, I'd wear black. Anything to make me look skinnier or to
flatter my complexion.
But I'm already married and I wore a dark champagne
dress when it was considered scandalous. Eyebrows were raised,
I didn't care, it was THE dress. It was me. Still is. I'm not one to
wear white. It makes me look washed out and I'm too much of
a slob to keep the dress pristine. Put me in an all white room free
of dust, dirt and anything but air and I'll find a way to get a spot of
dirt on it.

Who says the dress HAS to be white? And since white no longer
conveys any significance of virginity, why not express the
real you and wear color? Expand your horizons. Be real.
Be yourself. You don't want to look like every other bride
getting married. You don't want a supermarket everyone's bought
it wedding dress, find something unique and go for it.
Veils can be matched to color.
Tiaras can be matched to color.
Maids can be matched to color.

Afraid of all color? Accent with color on your dress. A sash,
a bow, a band of color across the bustline, colored embroidery,
a colored tiara, go for it!

Here are my picks for some unique colored wedding dresses.

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