Monday, May 19, 2008

A Wedding Dress That Spoke to Me

It isn't often that I see a dress that is unique,
unusual or makes me go WOW! I see so many dresses
that are replicas, rehashes or just like every other
dress in the market. Until I saw this dress. This
dress inspired me to create a palette around it.
Its by Victoria's Collection fall 2008 and may not
be in the stores just yet. For more info on the dress
check out Victoria's Collection.

Here's why the dress spoke to me:

The colors pop and are unusual. The dress is
champagne, the accent is mauve.
The flowers are appliqued across the bodice in
a really unique pattern. They are applied more
like flowers really grow.
The silhouette is fresh. Any size can wear this
style if their bust and hips are in proportion, even
if they are a plus size.
The sash in the front is unusual, its almost like an
obi tie. Its position on the body hides some of the
tummy area, gives the bride a more leaner, taller
look because it draws the eye upward.

Complimenting Bouquets:


Complimentary maids
I would actually choose champagne colored maids dresses with a
mauve sash that ties in the front to keep the palette fresh
and unusual.

Just ideas for the bride who doesn't like to think inside
the box!

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