Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wedding Shoes Are BORING! Get Inspired!

Wedding shoes are boring. Yup, I sell them and I've
worn them and I think the styles are boring and
uncomfortable. I tell my customers the truth, they
aren't very comfortable for a long day on your feet.
Most wedding shoes are fabric and the fabric doesn't give
like leather. They rub and you'll get blisters because
most, but not all, are not very well padded inside.
When your feet hurt, you take your shoes off. Every
wedding I've been to lately, the bride has taken off
her shoes. Then her dress is too long, she trips on it
and the hem gets filthy. Its not really attractive and
it freaks me out because I know how long we've spent
getting her hem perfect. And then she's barefoot
and trashing the dress. Makes me nuts.

I always tell my brides to wear comfortable shoes,
but they should also have some flair. When your
feet hurt, you feel miserable. I know, you don't
see the shoes, but you do when the garter comes off or when
you pull up the dress to walk. Buy shoes that have some

OK, to be fair about wedding shoes, TouchUps do have some
really hot styles. And the shoes are more padded than they
used to be.

I am a shoe freak. If the shoes are amazing, I want them.
My husband bought me a tee shirt that says If you wear
really cool shoes no one will notice the size of your ass.
I love it and my mother hates it. My husband has traipsed
through a lot of shoe stores with me. Nothing can send me into a
frenzy like a rocking pair of shoes except for a rocking shoe sale.

Now back to my shoes. Who says wedding
shoes HAVE to be white or ivory fabric? They don't. The rule
is to match the hemline of your dress, but that rule can be broken.
You can wear a metallic shoe that matches your beading on your
dress and your jewelry. You CAN wear a color. You can wear leather.

My favorite shoe story is the bride who came in with a box of
shoes she purchased in London with the idea that SOME DAY
she'd wear them to her wedding. She opened the box and I nearly
cried tears of joy. They were the most stunning shoes I'd ever l
aid eyes ankle strap stilettos with a hand wrapped red
rose in the front. Finally, a bride who thought outside of the box!
She chose an ankle length ivory charmeuse gown with a sweep train
and complimented the dress with ruby red crystal jewelry and
tiara. It was jaw dropping, she looked amazing! And those shoes!

Here are some styles for the bride that have flair and are
you can wear them again AFTER the wedding and on your
honeymoon. Love them! I found most of these styles on

And lets not forget your bridesmaids. I've chosen pictures
or rather simple bridesmaids dresses by Alfred Angelo.
Look at the shoes on the model, then look at how
a stunning pair of shoes can change the look of the outfit.

The yellow shoes are by Jessica Simpson and can easily be
worn again and again. Use both colors in their bouquets
for some amazing pictures.

The polka dot shoes are by Naturalizer and are not expensive,
they are under $40, they have a sexy peep toe and can be
worn to work or play. Every gal can use a little black
dress and a hot pair of black shoes!

These shoes are by Via Spiga. I love the color of champagne
with the champagne dress. It brings out the shine and sparkle
of a classic style dress. OMG, I love these shoes.

These shoes in both pictures are by Carlos Santana and
they are stunning. Look at how they turn a simple dress into a
stunning ensemble. Keep the jewelry simple and wow! Your maids
will thank you for shoes that they can wear again,
are totally hot looking and aren't stogy. I think I really
need these shoes. ;)

Are you inspired to find some fabulous shoes for your wedding?
No more BORING uncomfortable shoes for the best day of
your life. Find shoes you love, wear them and don't take
them off at the reception. Just hitch up your hemline and
show them off, and the best part? You get to wear them
again and again!

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