Monday, September 22, 2008

Wedding Trends 2009 : Wedding Dresses

I was at the national bridal market in
Las Vegas where the manufacturers showcase
their new dresses, accessories and put on fashion
shows for the retail stores who carry their lines. Its
a way to get a pulse on the latest trends for
spring and summer here's what
we saw.

We'll concentrate on wedding dresses, we'll
do accessories, maids and veils in other posts.

The trend is color, whether its a bolder shade
of ivory, gold or champagne. Forever Yours
is making some styles of their wedding dresses in
58 colors of Lamour satin or 33 shades of taffeta.
So you've always wanted a lime green wedding
dress? Got you covered! Not everyone wants
solid color, so many designers are offering
colored sashes, trains and bodice accents.

Lots of draping, pleating and hip wraps.
Wesaw sleeker dresses with diagonal pleats and
hip wraps. Believe it or not, it worked and
looked sensational. I didn't think it was possible to
find new ways to pleat, but some designers did.
Sometimes I want to scream...ENOUGH!

Unique bodices. If you are small busted, this
is your year. We saw so many cool bodice treatments
that enhance what God didn't give you. There are
tucks, pleats and a cool wrapping in the center of
the bodice that we liked a lot.

The first dress is by Forever Yours, its hard to
see the pleating in the bodice, but its all done
in tiny pleats. The second dress is by Jacquelin
Exclusives and the bodice is strategically plated
to enhance.

Sleeker silhouettes. Sleeker silhouettes away
from the huge extra full princess ball gowns, but sleeker
doesn't mean slinky. I'm wanting to say more
scaled down. These are the same dresses you can
wear in a church or on a beach. We saw a unique dresses
that were sleek in the torso with rouching ( pick ups)
in the skirt. Some worked for me, some didn't.
House of Wu had some hot styles and so did

Every company still has rouched (pick up skirt)
gowns in their spring line. They also are showing more
sleeker mermaid silhouettes, including what I call a
modified mermaid, the dress doesn't cling to the hips.
The A-line still reigns as the top silhouette because it
works on so many body styles.

Bling: Bling is still in. We've seen larger crystals in
more couture like patterns. We've seen these on
dresses that are very simple, no lace, no embroidery.
Just the bling to make a statement.
On the opposite hand, we saw a lot of dresses that
were very simply adorned with minimal bling.
Anything goes, go with what is you!

Fabrics: Satin still reigns, but we are seeing more
taffeta. Today's taffeta is a heavier taffeta than in
the past and it has more body to hold pleating and
drapings and wrinkles a lot less. We didn't see much
organza or tulle this time. We did see a lot of all over lace
dresses, some blinged out, some not. There were silver
laces, solid laces and even some uber soft pastel laces
which were unique and pretty. You actually had to
look at them closely to see the color. It was more of
an aura of color, I guess. We saw different types of satin,
some were more matte than others, some had a sueded
feel to them. Designers are still doing some dresses
in charmeuse in their slinkier styles. We are still seeing
chiffon in both informal and formal wedding dresses.

Sleeves: Yes and No, basically NO. Jasmine has a
puffed sleeve jacket that is cute. Most dresses are
still sleeveless. A lot of the designers are offering
jackets as an alternative that can be purchased
separately. Casablanca will add sleeves to any
of their dresses for an extra charge.

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