Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weird Wedding Photo:Taking the Plunge

Taking the plunge can be painful, as shown
by the happy wedding couple in the photo.

What the hell were they thinking? Don't
they know they could use a waist harness
instead of hooking their skin if they wanted
to hang from a tree? What? No one could tie
a noose?

And who talked the other into doing it? I have enough
trouble talking my man into giving me the remote.

But seriously, don't you just love love love the bride's
green mohawk? From a professional perspective,
whomever matched the color to her dress deserves
kudos. And I sure do love his Genie pants. They
go well with his green tennies.

What a fun couple! And they are both smiling.
How can you not love the expression on the
ministers face? This pic is a keeper.

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