Monday, September 15, 2008

What does your wedding dress say about you?

What does your wedding dress say about you?
Take the Wedding Dress Test and find out?
Its very cool and the results seem to be true.

I've sold wedding dresses for longer than I care
to admit. For freaking evah. I'm in love with wedding
dresses. My friends say that I'm easily distracted by
shiny objects. Its no secret that I love bling, lace and
beading. I am also a card carrying fashionista. But when
it came time to choose my wedding dress, I went directly
to my own personality. I had my eye on a stunning
Eve of Milady gown, but when I tried it on it just
wasn't me at all. I ended up with a dress that defied
fashion rules at the time, it was sleek, it was
sophisticated and it had only minimal bling.

When I took the wedding dress test, I realized that I
was expressing my personality in my wedding dress.
I wasn't a frothy princess, I wasn't a sweet ruffled thing,
I was sophisticated and fashion forward. And I thought
I just loved the dress and it made me look thinner and taller.
Whodda thot? ;)

When its time to dress shop for the wedding, shop with
yourself in mind. Don't choose a dress because your
friends or your Mom loves it. YOU have to love it!
You have to feel good in it. You have to feel taller,
thinner, shorter, sexier, sweeter, bustier, and above all
comfortable in the dress you choose. Don't be railroaded into
a dress by a pushy salesperson on commission. Don't be
railroaded by your friends, family or someone peeking into
the dressing room. Assert your self and buy the dress that
is YOU!

For more info on shopping for your wedding dress and
finding the dress that is so here.


  1. Another way of cutting costs is eloping! I did it and saved like 24K. Check out my eloping story:

    Seriously should be considered. I always push people to elope. I know not everyone can but geez... Why go into debt over one?

  2. Good for you, Mike. I read your story and it sounds just amazing. Nothing like leaving the hassle behind and having a meaningful wedding in paradise.

    here's a web site that helps with destination eloping weddings:

    Thanks for the comment. Three family members eloped last year, one to Vegas, one to Sonoma Valley and one to the Caribbean. All were amazing and all were to avoid family conflict.


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