Friday, September 12, 2008

Would You Wear a Fascinator At Your Wedding?

I'd never heard the term fascinator.
How could something slip by me? Hmmmm.
The word fascinator intrigued me and I had to know
what the heck it is. If its connected to weddings,
how come I've never heard that word? Turns out
I know what it is, just never heard the new buzz

A fascinator is anornament you wear in your hair. Fascinators
are popularin England because the young royals wear them
insteadof a hat. And we all know how royals love their hats!

Fascinators got press when Jessica Simpson wore a fascinator
to her sister Ashley's wedding.

A fascinator can be a small hat, a face veil or a combination
of feathers flowers and assorted stuff coming out of the
sides, sort of like deely boppers. They can also be a
headband with flowers and feathers. Fascinators were popular
in the 1920's when flappers wore them in their hair.
They were also worn by burlesque performers in their act,
think huge ostrich feathers sticking out of their head

A burly dancer with her fascinator. Do you actually think
anyone but me is interested in her headgear?

A cute small hat fascinator with a face veil for drama.
This style was actually popular in the 80's because
you could wear them with those humongous puffed sleeves
or lacy country dresses. But guess what?
Its baaaaaaccckkkk! They were all over the
bridal markets.

Fascinator done in feathers worn on the side of the head. Can be
worn by the maids or the bride, feathers should coordinate to the
dress or the flowers. Inspired by royals.

Very cool fascinator for the bride. Frames the face and is just a really stunning look. Perfect for the reception or a destination wedding. Love it! would YOU wear a fascinator to your wedding?

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