Friday, October 17, 2008

Today is National Cupcake Day

Today is national cupcake day. Who knew
that cupcakes had their own day?

Back to the cupcakes. I love them. Everyone
loves cupcakes. So today, dear brides to be,
grab some cupcakes and practice feeding cake
to your fiance. And he to you. You can pretend you are
practicing the cake cutting ceremony at your wedding
reception and get in some quality cupcake eating time
without guilt. After all, its a national holiday if there
is actual a day named after the cupcake.

Everyone knows once the cupcake is broken, the
calories fly out of the cupcake. So, let them
eat cake! Or let's all eat cupcakes.
Whatever, I'm heading to the bakery now. I want
these chocolate chocolate cupcakes.

Happy cupcake day, cupcake!

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