Monday, November 10, 2008

Shoe Fashionistas Unite

I was born a shoe fashionista. I have to have
shoes, shoes and more shoes. I worked starting
at age 12 doing whatever I could to get more shoes.
I babysat, ironed, cleaned houses, washed and walked
dogs. I stashed my cash until shoe shopping
day came about. Then I boarded the bus and came home
with my loot. I had shoes to match every color in my
wardrobe. I worked hard for them, I took care of them.
I appreciated them more because I got them from doing
jobs no one wanted to do and I sweated for them.
Some pairs ended up in my sisters closets, some are still
with me to this day. I collected shoes and still do.

Weddings have always meant new shoes. Whether I was IN
the wedding or a guest, I had to have new shoes.

I want style, I want fashion, I want comfort. Yeah,
I know what you are thinking, you can't have it all.
Style doesn't always equal comfort as we women know,
but the shoemakers are getting better. Its easier
than its been in light years to find shoes that feel
good and LOOK good. But its the hunt, the quest, the
search for the perfect pair to wear with the dress.
Because even if you get bigger in the waist or hips,
a great pair of shoes will take your eye away from
the bulges. In fact, my husband bought me a t shirt
that reads something like a great pair of shoes makes
your ass look smaller. And it does!

Wedding shoes are sometimes so freaking uncomfortable
because fabric shoes don't stretch. But who says
you have to wear dyed to match shoes today? Brides
are choosing options like metallics in silver, gold
or bronze or leather options for their maids. And they
are thinking outside the box when it comes to their
own footwear choices. No longer are they wearing a
white satin low heeled pump. And please God, no
flip flops or tennis shoes. But they are wearing
silver encrusted heels, colorful leather shoes to
match the flowers in their bouquets or buying their
dress around a special shoe. (That's a shoe fashionista
after my own heart!)

I came across a web site that nearly made me weep with
joy. This is a real shoe fashionistas nirvana.
My key board is full of drool. Check it out!
This is too good to keep for myself. I am partial
to the leopard peep toes, OMG..I love them!
Only the greatest collection of shoes on sale at Tons of great shoes on sale!

Shop Women's Shoes at Free Shipping!
These shoes are SOOOOO Hot! They would
make amazing wedding shoes. Love 'em!

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