Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pack a Wedding Dress Emergency Kit

Prepare for a wedding emergency on your
wedding day by packing up an emergency
kit. The more you are prepared, the less
things can go wrong, right?

Pre threaded needles with the thread
that matches your dress and the dresses of
your bridesmaids.

Safety pins

Dress tape will keep straps in
place, pin up a loose hem or or keep a
gaping neckline from gaping.

Baby wipes, use to dab a spot on
any dress. Key word is dab, not rub.

Hairspray, use for hair or to remove
ink from a dress.

White chalk or talcum powder. Use it
to dab on a spot on your dress to cover it
for photos. Talcum powder also works for
spots. You can also use talcum powder in
your shoes to stop rubbing and blistering.

A white cloth to dab on club soda to
remove a stain or to use as a pressing cloth.

A bleach pen

A pair of scissors

A small piece of paraffin wax or a wax
pencil from a fabric or notions store.
Use the wax on zippers to make a stubborn
zipper work.

A pair of gloves to keep pantyhose
from snagging when you put them on.

Hair dryer to dry out any wet spots
or to try to get out a stubborn wrinkle in
the dress.

Opaque pantyhose in the color of your
dress just in case your dress is see through
in the sunlight.

You can use the needle and thread to stitch
any strap, hem or any thing that needs a quick
stitch. If the zipper breaks, you can be sewn
into your dress.

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  1. Great post, I'd not have thought of putting together an emergency kit, but I'm going to do it STAT, Thanks!


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