Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bridal Show Pros and Cons and a Show Tip

Bridal shows are a way for
brides to get ideas for their
wedding and to meet wedding
professionals. You get to see
compare photographers, DJ's and
cake artists at the same time and
decide if you want to interview them
for your wedding. I've personally
done many fashion shows and bridal
shows and fairs and they are a good
way to know who you with whom you
will be dealing.

Pros: Wedding professionals in one place
presenting and you get face time to meet
and see their work.

Easy to compare work and design.

Great place to get ideas and network
with vendors and other brides.

Fashion shows to see how dresses and
tuxedos match up.


Fun time, especially if you get to be involved
in a cake dive.

And this is a biggie: You have to register
with your personal information. You will get
inundated with mail, phone calls and emails
from vendors.

Some unscrupulous vendors have sold the
names of brides to other vendors even though
it is expressly forbidden. So your name could
possibly get on all sorts of mailing lists.

I found this out the hard way. Well, in a funny
way. I wanted a dress catalog from a big box
store and the only way I could get it was to
fill out a form. Well, I used my dogs name,
Tootsie. Tootsie has her own email address
that I sometimes use to keep all the spam
mail in one spot. Unfortunately, I gave my
real cell phone number. Within a week of
me signing up Toots, the phone started ringing.
Toots won a house full of furniture in Chicago.
(We don't live anywhere near Chicago, she had
to appear in person.) Then Toots won a free
tux. Then Toots won a honeymoon. When the
insistent phone solicitor wanted her credit
card number to "secure" her honeymoon, I told
her Toots didn't have a credit card, nor could
she go on a honeymoon because I wouldn't let
her go anywhere without her leash. You would
have thought that would have rung a bell, but
they continued to call and ask for Tootsie.
It was a scam and I know EXACTLY who sold
the names and addresses.

So be careful who gets your info, or your phone
will be ringing. Use an email address just
for your wedding and for when you sign up
for shows and giveaways. This way, if you
really get some amazing offers, you can
contact the vendor. And if you smell a scam,
just hit delete.

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