Monday, June 1, 2009

Bride Hero: Georgette Clemons

Our kudos go to bride hero, Georgette
Clemons of Bridgeport, CN. Georgette
ran into a burning house to alert the
residents of a fire dressed
in her wedding dress. She was on her way
home from the reception when she saw
the smoke and instructed the driver to

She ran into the home when she saw
someone inside who was trying to save
her pets. She managed to get them to
leave and the residents and pets were
all saved, but the house wasn't.

Her dress was blackened and her shoes
were ruined, but all our hero said was:
"It's been an eventful day." God love her,
we salute our fearless bride.

Here's hoping someone will step up to
the plate and replace her shoes and
clean her dress. Read the entire
story here: Connecticut Post

I LOVE reading about awesome
brides and Georgette is the
most awesome of the awesome.
Her hubby is one lucky guy!

1 comment:

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    Kudos to the heroic bride.

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