Monday, June 29, 2009

Wedding Makeup Photography Tips

Put your best face forward in your wedding
pics and we have some tips to help you from
a wedding photographer. We interviewed her
and here are her observations:

"Brides tend to either over do the makeup
as in clown makeup. Some hire makeup artists
who go heavy on the kohl makeup. Avoid
charcoal eyeshadow for the wedding. It looks
smudged in the photos.

Instead, go for a more natural look. Use pinks
instead of harsh blushers, pink
accents on the eyes. Pink opens up the eyes.

Avoid sparkles on the face and body. They
pick up the camera flash and don't look good
in the pictures.

Mascara is a must, it frames and opens the eyes.

Keep the makeup natural, match it to you skin tones,
but you HAVE to wear some makeup. Brides that
think they want to go completely natural are
missing the boat because they fade in the photos."

So I asked my beauty maven what she thought
and she said that all the tips are excellent.
Here's what she said:

"To keep makeup in place all day, use a face
primer. It really does the job.

Great makeup starts with a great complexion.
If you don't have a perfect complexion, start
working on it months before the wedding.
Drink lots of water, get rest because it
really works. And avoid stress. (As IF
that's possible during wedding planning!)

Start on a facial program. Any program including
the ones from the drug store are better
than not taking care of your skin. Moisturize,
use a sunscreen, exfoliate to get rid of dead,
dull skin and brighten your complexion.
Go to a dermatologist if your skin is acne
prone and uneven. Or visit a good skin esthetician
who will give you facials and advise you
what to do to care for your skin.

I advise facials and if your skin is dull, blotchy
and uneven, go for microdermabrasion treatments."

All great tips and I have to admit I've been going
for microdermabrasion treatments and the results
are far. It does hurt the first time and
my face was a bit touchy and tender, but I didn't
have red blotches and I was able to put on makeup
and go about my day without anyone knowing. It
has evened up my skin tone and I love it.
Just know if you are thinking of having this done,
you need to start a few months in advance to
get the maximum benefit.

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