Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Update! 2009 Wedding Trends are Rocking!

The trends in weddings are changing just like the times are changing for all of us.
We are seeing smaller weddings, nontraditional weddings and destination weddings as a response to the economy.

  • Colors: From the Wedding Report, the brides in the next 18 months are choosing cool colors over warm colors for their weddings. Blue dominates over any other color, we are seeing a lot of brides leaning toward Tiffany blue . The next hot cool color is the purple family followed by greens.

  • Cost: The average cost of a wedding has dipped 12% to $19,212. Demand is lower for limos, with many couples choosing to rent a luxury car for the day instead of a limousine. Demand is also down for videographers, with many people choosing to have a professional photographer take their wedding pictures and have their family or friends video the wedding.

  • Eco Friendly: Many weddings are "going green" with eco friendly invitations, organic foods and eco friendly favors.

  • DIY weddings: Many brides are doing it themselves. She is tackling jobs herself instead of paying to have it done in order to save money. It can range from printing her own wedding invitations, to making her own centerpieces and anything in between.

  • Destination weddings: A lot of couples are foregoing traditional weddings and having destination weddings. The trend to destination weddings is because many couples have blended families, don't want the hassle or just want a quiet wedding in an exotic destination. Read more about destination weddings here.
  • Fashion Trends: Ready to wear influences what is happening in weddings and the trends trickle down. Here's what is hot in ready to wear that you can expect to see in weddings soon.
  • More tiaras, yes, tiaras for everyone in your wedding party.
  • Scarves worn with the dresses. Scarves are everywhere, even in the summer.
  • Textured footwear: Animal print shoes or animal embossed shoes for the bridesmaids instead of satin dyed to match shoes.


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