Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are Wedding Magazines Out Of Touch?

The last issue of Modern Bride just arrived in
my mailbox. Conde Nast just axed Elegant
Bride and Modern Bride. No official word why,
but thumbing through the pages gives some hints:
Who is their audience? Little girls with fantasies
of Prince Charming playing dress up?
Who can afford this crap and who has the money
to pay for this stuff? How many of us can afford to
go to Tahiti and Bora Bora on their honeymoon for
two weeks? And WHO has a bedroom that
looks like the suite of a hotel? Mine is just lucky to
have matching sheets on the bed. Geeze.

The dresses are fugly....totally fugly and not what
brides want. Who wants to look like a ruffled
wedding cake on the dance floor? And how many
brides can pull off a one shouldered gown? OMG..
lets accent the hips so everyone can see and make
comments that we were born to bear children.

Weddings are getting simpler and dresses are
getting rufflier and fancier. Out of touch with
brides? Yup. Have these magazine editors and
designers ever spent a day in the bridal salons to see
what real brides are buying? Give the people what they
want and they'll buy the magazines. Give them a dress
they want and they'll buy it.

Elegant Bride featured a see through dress with a
pinafore top. I threw up a little in my mouth.
No self respecting drag queen who would put on that
ruffled confection and no real life bride would want to
walk down the aisle looking like a naked Little Bo Peep.

These magazines show "real life weddings" that are
out of reach of the average couple's budget. Who can
relate? Sure, its fun to look at the pictures and get
ideas, but come on....these weddings are the exceptions
to the norm. We can't afford them. And if we could,
would we? Or would we buy a house? For all of
us who weren't born with a silver spoon in our
mouth, we can't comprehend their budget. We are
too busy trying to pay the rent, put gas in our cars
and food on the table. And we aren't buying fantasy

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