Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Diet Tips & Fitting Into Your Wedding Dress

Dear Weddingzilla,

I am getting married in February. How
can I get through the holidays and not gain
weight? I'm freaking out that my wedding dress
won't fit!!

Dear Abby,
We took your question to our diet guru, Eileen.
I would tell you to have fun and have your dress
let out, but Eileen has the inside here

Abby: The number one diet busters at the holidays
are alcohol and sweets. If you avoid both of them,
you'll avoid large weight gains. But its not easy to
do, so here are some suggestions.

  • Eat healthy low calorie foods before the party so you aren't tempted to over indulge.
  • Nibble on fresh veggies at the party and avoid "over dipping" because the dips are laden with calories.
  • Drink soda water, diet drinks or cut a glass of wine with club soda or diet soda like Sprite or 7Up. Less calories and you still get to enjoy a wine cooler.
  • Pass on dishes with heavy creams, cheeses and heavy butter.
  • Take smaller portions of whatever is tempting you at that moment so you won't feel deprived and over indulge later on.
  • Have fresh fruit for desert.
  • Exercise! Take a walk, ride a bike, hit the gym to work off any extra calories. Or get physical and play the Wii, some of the games give you a decent workout!

Easy weight loss that works! Eat FREE for 3 weeks!

Thanks Eileen... its Weddingzilla again.
Now here's my tip: It will cost you a lot
of $$$ and stress if your dress doesn't fit
as the wedding nears. Avoid the stress by
following Eileen's tips. If you fall off the
wagon at a holiday party, don't beat yourself
up, just don't repeat! Happy holidays!

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