Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weird Strange Wedding Dress, Its See Through!

I see England, I see France,
I see the brides under pants!
OMG, just when you think you've seen
it all, a designer from Spain designs
a completely see through wedding dress.
I love the interplay of sweet ruffles and
the bib on the front of the dress,
the virginal puffed sleeves and then
its completely see through!!!
I thought it was a costume from the Follies
Bergere can can scene...where the ladies
get naughty with their skirts. But, nooooo,
its a wedding dress!

Are you kidding me? You think you'll ever
see anything like this on the rack at the
bridal salon? Think it will ever be
mass produced?

I can picture the mother of the grooms face
just before she drops on the floor screaming.
Or the face of the officiant as the bride
walks down the aisle. Or the grooms face
as she prances down the aisle in front of
his grandmother and his buddies. This dress
won't pass muster even in granny panties and
granny's bra. Its ridiculous.

Line the damn thing and sell it to some
chick who set the clock back 20 years.
Those hi neck ruffly confections went out
with the 80's. Its a complete head
smacker! And now we know why the
model looks so pissed off....


  1. You sound like a hater to me. I think all she needs are some ruffle bloomers and she'd be fine at a wedding.

  2. A hater? Thanks for the compliment! I stand by my sarcasm.....the dress needs to be lined and it would be gorgeous. I would freak if my son's bride walked down the aisle in that dress even wearing bloomers. While I am open minded, I am not THAT open minded....

    What happened to being a blushing bride?


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