Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 Ways To Find Extra Cash to Pay For Your Wedding

10 Ways To Find Extra Cash to Pay For Your Wedding

Its unreasonable in today's economy to expect your parents to foot the bill for an over the top wedding. If you are working and on your own, you'll need to come up with ways to find some extra cash to help pay for your wedding. It CAN be done and it can be done without a lot of sacrifice.

Set up a wedding fund with your fiance and both of you add to it on a weekly basis. Discuss ways you both can cut expenses and find extra money to put into your wedding fund. All good things come with some form of sacrifice, but these suggestions really won't hurt. Bonus, you are working together towards a common goal, spending the rest of your life together!

Cut the fat from your daily expenses. This means forgoing the daily double latte frappachino from your local coffeehouse and brewing your own coffee at home. You can easily save up to $5 a day by doing it yourself. That's an extra $150 a month into the wedding fund per person.

Use coupons when you go grocery shopping and for personal care items you buy at your local pharamacy. Put the savings in the fund.

Drive less, carpool or take public transportation to save on gas and car expenses.

Save on energy costs at home by changing your light bulbs to CFL's., winterizing your home, lowering your thermostat in winter and learn to cut energy costs.

Rent a movie and pop your own popcorn instead of heading to the movie theater. Savings around $35.00. Bonus, you get to snuggle with your honey on the sofa.

Stay away from the bars on your night out. Savings can go up to $200 per night. Invite friends over to your house to play cards and have dinner instead. Or rotate houses with your friends, have a potluck dinner and and BYOB drinks. You may be surprised to see that your friends enjoy these nights in more than hitting the clubs.

Eat dinner at home and brown bag your lunch at work. Savings will mount up. Plan a once a month splurge by buying a pizza or eating out at an inexpensive family restaurant.

Sell your clothes, purses, shoes, electronics and other unused things on eBay or have a garage sale to get rid of things you don't want or don't fit into your new lifestyle.

Get a part time job or get paid for a skill you already have. If you can design web sites, offer your services to small businesses. If you have friends who need a babysitter on weekends, offer to babysit for a fee. Are there senior citizens who need to be driven to the grocery store? Start a service with your fiance to help seniors on the weekends. Clean their house, mow their lawn, help them do home repairs, drive them to the doctor, grocery store, beauty parlor or pharmacy. Make phone calls for them, help them write checks or take them to the bank. It’s a way to feel good about yourself and make some extra cash and they'll be so appreciative. Can you entertain children? Organize children's birthday parties for working parents. Use your imagination and fatten up your wedding fund.

Cut back on your manicures and pedicures. Beauty expenses can add up fast. A trip to the salon can easily blow $100 without much effort. And that doesn't count buying the salon products. You'll save if you do them yourself at home and it will add cash to your fund. Splurge before the wedding on your beauty regimen because you deserve it on your wedding day!

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