Thursday, February 18, 2010

Finding The Impossible Wedding Day Gift For The Groom

If you are the typical bride, you are going crazy trying to find your groom the perfect wedding gift. The gift that says I put a lot of thought into your gift. The gift that will make him smile whenever he sees it. The gift that shows him that he means everything to you. The gift he can keep forever to remind him of his wedding day. So you've shopped and shopped and you keep coming back to the same cliche gifts: the monogrammed beer stein, the monogrammed flask, the watch. Same old same old.

We came across the coolest cuff links for the wedding. Cuff links, you say? Yes, cuff links. Every tux needs cuff links and you always end up with those plain black button stud links that come with every rental tux. These are out of the box. Some have his initials. Others have his favorite sports. Is he a golf nut? A baseball fan? Add a bit of personalization to an ordinary tux the same way we add jewelry to our wedding dress. Click on the pics for more ideas.

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