Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wedding Invitations, All in One Pocket Folds, LOVE IT!!

I got a wedding invitation today that blew me away...and it takes a lot to blow me away with anything wedding related.   The invitation was from Wedding Paper Divas and it was in a pocket fold envelope. The invitation was showcased in the top and there were slots for the response card, reception card and map and lodging information.  It was packaged with a ribbon and a sticker with the bride and groom's names on it.  The presentation was so impressive and the idea of opening a folder with everything in one place was one of those head smacking "why didn't I think of that?" great ideas.  

I know where everything related to the wedding is instead of having pieces of it laid out on the dining room table.  Genius!  I can put the envelope it in the car with the map instead of looking for it when we go to the wedding.  

Here is the invitation I  received. The envelope was a champagne color that blended with the brides colors of burgundy and gold.  The ribbon was burgundy and the sticker was a cream or champagne color with burgundy lettering.  I would take a picture of it all together, but I wanted to respect their privacy, so this is the invitation and enclosures:  

Thursday, July 29, 2010

In Defense of Chelsea Clinton's Wedding, Its Good For The Economy!

The internet is all buzzing over the cost of Chelsea Clinton's wedding. Yes, the figures throw out are mind boggling. reported between 2 and 6 million dollars. Its all guestimates, no one really knows the cost. Chelsea's parents are millionaires. Her dad is a former president and her mother is secretary of state...and she's an only child. We all know that only children have great weddings. The Clinton's only have to do it once, so they can afford to give her a dream wedding.

Chelsea has managed to stay out of the spotlight, out of trouble and without a whiff of scandal associated with her. Her parents shielded her from the spotlight and all we know of Chelsea is what we see in smiling pictures.

Chelsea's Wedding Is Good For The US Economy!

We've heard her dress MAY be a Vera Wang. Vera Wang dresses are made domestically in Akron, Ohio. Not many wedding dresses are made domestically.

The money spent on food, music, photography, limos, transportation, invitations and whatever will all trickle down into the community. This means jobs for the locals. The money earned will help pay rent, make car payments, pay medical bills, buy school clothes and feed their families.

The news media and tourists wanting to get a close up look at the wedding preparations will inundate the wedding town. They'll buy gasoline, eat at the local restaurants, shop in the local stores and stay in the hotels. They'll bring money into the area which in turn will bring in more workers and those workers will have money for their family's needs.

The wedding guests will have to travel to the wedding and have to have lodgings. They'll also be spending money...maybe they'll rent a car or take a cab or be bussed to the wedding. Maybe they'll spend a few extra days in town sightseeing and relaxing. That means jobs and money going back into the community. Its all a trickle down effect, the end result is that the average Joe will benefit.

None of us will ever get invited to a wedding on this scale, nor will we ever know anyone who has had a wedding on this scale. Yup, it IS mind boggling, especially for those who are trying to scrape together a couple of hundred dollars to pay for their wedding, or pay their rent or feed their kids.

We shouldn't be jealous of Chelsea: she went through hell when her Dad was president. Imagine the most embarrassing thing your parents ever did, then imagine it as headlines all around the world. She had to be mortified, she had to be upset and she had to be really pissed off. Maybe this is Bill's way of making it up to her. Or maybe its just the way a couple feels their child DESERVES to be married in an opulent wedding.

There will always be the people who have money and then the rest of us. The Clinton's earned their money. They are entitled to spend their money any way they want. We'll get to devour every detail of the wedding that gets leaked like we all did when Princess Diana married Prince Charles. We'll get to find out what a couple of millions buy when it comes to a wedding. The locals will get a paycheck. And that is all good.

Stuff Happens!!!

I'm back. Stuff keeps happening. I decided I was going to take a week to smell the roses this summer, no weddings, no bridal shop, no work...just sunshine, relaxation and maybe a sun tan. Stuff happened and I ended having surgery. Not a big deal, but enough to interrupt my rose smelling and relaxation. Recovery interfered with my doing nothing. It introduced daily naps and soap operas into the equasion.

Lightening struck and wiped out my hard drive which was on a surge protector. I had just thankfully backed up the computer. I managed to be able to restore some files and pictures, but lets face it, Punjeeb at tech support couldn't solve all my problems. I kept unplugging the wrong cable, pushing the wrong F key because neither of us understood each other. So, the blog notes, pics and bookmarks are buried somewhere in some microchip in my computer and on my backup.

Meanwhile, back at the bridal shop, the not quite three year old water heater sprung a leak and flooded the basement. The plumbers did their thing and did it very well, but why should a three year old water heater leak? Arrrrgghhh. But that's not the least of it, when the water was turned back on, the pressure blew the water line off the upstairs toilet and no one saw it until the next morning. The water leaked through the kitchen and office areas and damaged the ceiling. Hello, plumber, hello more bills. Luckily, nothing other than the ceiling was damaged...but hey, that's another bill I don't need or want. And cleanup...yuck. And of course, they cannot match the tiles that were damaged, so it means a whole new ceiling.

And my car, my good dependable nothing goes wrong with it car, decided the time was wrong to have major brake and ABS and traction system problems. They can't figure out if it needs kabillions of dollars of repairs of if its just a malfunctioning sensor and partial brake job that is only half a kabillion dollars and another week without a car.

The dog threw up on my new carpet. We replaced it when the kid dropped a bottle of Clorox Clean Up on it and tie dyed the rug. Guess we can relax now that the rug has been christened.

I won't mention a credit card bill that was paid and closed 4 years ago resurfaced. I won't mention that the kid needs tools for school that will cost me twice what I thought.And that he needs car insurance and a car. Lotsa luck on that one, kid.I won't mention that while I was down, the weeds at the bridal shop overtook the landscaping and that it looks like a jungle.

And I'm still smiling and happy. Go figure. My chair is still by the rosebushes waiting for me to take a whiff. And I will before summer is over. My point is that things happen and they will happen during the course of wedding planning. There's always a solution. Keep smiling, this too shall pass. And please, make it soon! ;)
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