Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Money Saving Wedding Tips: Bridesmaid Dresses

The cost of bridesmaid dresses is an expense of your bridesmaid.  Since a lot of  today's young women have been hit by the economy, its important to keep the costs of their dress affordable. 

Here are some internet sources to purchase nationally advertised bridesmaid dresses at a discount.

  • Bridesmaid Dresses Huge discounts on nationally advertised bridesmaid dresses from the House of Brides.

If you find a dress you just love and your maids can't afford it, try looking at the bridesmaid line called Expressions from Forever Yours.  They make inexpensive bridesmaid dresses in tons of colors and sizes that are very close in looks and quality without the price tag.  

Bridesmaids by Forever Yours

Many bridal salons will discount bridesmaid dresses if you purchase your wedding dress there.  If you can't score a big discount, the salon will sometimes throw in free shoes!

Bridal shows often have show specials or coupons on maids dresses.  

Check your bridal salon for discontinued sample dresses.  You can sometimes pick a color and buy the dresses on their sale racks if your maids can fit into the sample sizes with some minor alterations.

Ask the bridal salon if they have any maids dresses from canceled weddings that they'll sell at a discount.

Some wedding parties will consign all their bridesmaid dresses at a resale shop.  Sometimes you can even score matching shoes!

Buy the bridesmaid dresses from a friend who has recently gotten married.
    How about a dress that can  twisted and tied in a lot of ways to change the look of the dress? Every bridesmaid will be happy because she can personalize the dress and have options to wear the dress again!  From the Dessy Group. Introducing the Twist Dress for bridesmaids. Style you can fashion yourself. 

    Everyone has a little black dress in their closet.  Your maids can wear their little black dress (gasp, no spandex mini's please!) to give the wedding a formal look.  Gift them with matching accessories.  Have them purchase matching cool black or silver shoes.  Costs for them are shoes.  If their black dress is inappropriate,  have them borrow one or lend them one. 

    Choose a wedding color and have them all shop for their own dress in a style they feel comfortable in and they can afford.  

    Check the department store sale racks after prom time.  Some prom dresses will easily work as bridesmaid dresses.

    For summer weddings, you can find beautiful sundresses at the mall that will work for your wedding and  can be worn all summer long. 

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