Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Popcorn Buffet For Your Wedding Reception! Today Is National Popcorn Day!

Who doesn't LOVE, LOVE popcorn? Chocolate covered popcorn with caramel and cashews, ranch flavored popcorn, watermelon flavored popcorn, mouth is watering!

Thought of popcorn for your wedding? Popcorn can be colored to match your wedding colors and served in tins on the reception tables. Popcorn is inexpensive, versatile and yummy and the only limits are your imagination.

Popcorn can be used as favors in popcorn bags tagged with your names and wedding dates, or as popcorn balls wrapped in colored cellophane and tied with a bow and tag. Make the tags on your computer, and voila! Popcorn can go home in Chinese take out boxes, cones, bags, boxes, whatever!

                                  Popcorn cone from I Love Popcorn.

Popcorn can be used as centerpieces, just fill some interesting containers with different flavored popcorn and let your guests pass them around and enjoy.  Love this pic of a popcorn cocktail!

Popcorn can be served at the bar as a munchie snack instead of the more expensive nut mixes.

You can rent a commercial popcorn machine to serve up freshly popped corn. Keep in mind that some guests may not like the overpowering smell of corn popping.  If you have a bar set up in another room at the reception or in a sitting area, you'll minimize the smell wafting in the reception area. 

What about a popcorn bar at your reception instead of the cliche cookie or candy bar?  Austin Cornucopia sells all colors and flavors of popcorn, including dill pickle! They ship nationwide and they have all sorts of great containers, bags and ideas to make your popcorn bar unique. You can add mini pretzels and M & M's to your display.  Serve in glass jars or silver popcorn tins with scoops and have bags or containers so your guests can make up a bag to take home.  Yum!


  1. u have a cone with popcorn in it setting in a wine glass . can you please tell me where you got the cone. all i can find are clear cones. thanks please email me at

  2. Glad you like the image of the popcorn bar with turquoise takeout containers and chocolate drizzle corn but it should be credited to or where the image was taken from. The photographer should also be credited.


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