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Friday, February 11, 2011

Weddings 2011: Trending Wedding Shoes, Jen and Kim for Coloriffics

If you are a shoe fashionista, as I am, then you will have to check out Jen and Kim Shoes for Coloriffics.  Jen and Kim 's collection wants to dazzle with a bit of young Hollywood to their special occasion customers.   

Jen and Kim are two childhood friends with a passion for shoes and have paired with Coloriffics to create alternative wedding shoes.  I'm all about alternative,  regular wedding shoes are too...ugghhh......stiff, ugly and hurt like hell.  If they are comfy, they look like your grandma's shoes.  Finally, an alternative!! 

Jen & Kim use  leather linings and suede insoles for comfort.  Regular wedding shoes do not.  That smacks of comfort to me.   Their shoes also have non slip soles and heel grips so one does not have to worry about falling and having the video shown to the world on YouTube. 

I am in love with these shoes called Luna in rose. Love the two tone on this shoe and the pleating is uber sexy.  They have a 3/4" platform so you can wear a high heel without all the discomfort.  Plus, I get to be 3/4 of an inch taller and I will take it! I can totally see wearing this shoe again and again, not just a one shot shoe.

 Luna in blue.
 Luna in Ivory
I'm also in love with this shoe, Sweetie. OK, Sweetie is the name of the shoe!   I don't know which color I like best, so I'd have to have BOTH of them!  I love the sexy skinny wedge heel and the padded insoles.  I can also see these shoes playing a big part of my shoe wardrobe.

Glamour-ama shoes for the bride! Check out the bling on this silk shantung platform.  This shoe is called PASSION!! 

Allure is the name of this peep toed baby.  This reminds me of the shoes worn in the 1940's by Hollywood temptresses.  I think the sweet and sexy look of the mary jane strap is hot!

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