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Monday, March 14, 2011

Gardenia Wedding Theme, Ivory, Pink, Green

Gardenias symbolize love and weddings and gardenias have historically been used in royal and celeb weddings. Princess Diana used them in her wedding. The Knot calls it one of their top 10 favorite wedding flowers. It was very popular in the 1950's and 1960's and is having a renaissance with today's brides.  Once you've taken a whiff of this delicate flower, you'll fall in love with it, too!

The gardenia has delicately curved ivory leaves and green shiny leaves that grow in a bush. Gardenias have an unforgettable sweet and spicy fragrance that fills the room with an intoxicating aroma described as heavenly. Many brides tuck a gardenia behind their ear at the reception to carry the scent with them. The scent is used in oriental perfumes and is also called an aphrodisiac.

We've put together three idea boards for a gardenia wedding theme.  The first is neutral colors, the second is pinks, including gardenia pink, the Pantone color of the year, (gardenia pink), and the third is shades of green. 

Enzoani Gardenia wedding shoes
Lace bridesmaid dresses by Jordan Fashions
Top wedding dress by Lazaro
Bottom wedding dress Tara Keely by Lazaro
Bottom bridesmaid Jim Jhelm Blush Bridal

Top bridesmaid dresses by Jordan Fashions
Mid bridesmaid dress by Mori Lee
Wedding dress by Tara Keely by Lazaro
Flower girl dress by Pegeen

Top wedding dress by Yumi Katsura
Top bridesmaid dress by Lazaro
Mid bridesmaid dress by Alfred Angelo

Flower display dress by none other than Preston Bailey, who was inspired by Monique Lhuillier . This was the centerpiece at the Knot Gala in New York. This dress was made with 5,500 flowers!  They are GARDENIA ,white Calla lilly, white hydrangea, white eskimo rose, pink Rosita vendela rose and  phalaenopsis orchid   This display was 11 feet high, 4 feet in diameter and took 200 man hours to create. Simply jawdropping!

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