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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Meet The Flying Crabbit

I don't know what attracted me to the Flying Crabbit on Etsy.   Maybe it was the name, maybe it was all the cool vintage Asian items in the shop.  Or maybe it was the collectors glassware.

I first checked out the glassware.  My dad was a glass collector A fun day as a kid was traveling to southern Ohio to visit the glass factories and watch them blow and create glass in rainbows of colors.  (kept me out of the fabric stores with my mom)   This pic brought back so many memories.   I think it would look so good on an antique dressing table full of dusting powder with a great powder puff. 
Hand Blown Cobalt Blue Trinket Jar

Japanese Chokin Decorative Plate Harvest Cart in Fall Colors 24 K Gold

The Flying Crabbit has some amazing vintage Asian treasures at a really unbelievable prices. The plate above blows me away, it would make a focal point in any room....and its only $10.00!!  Plus there is a coupon for 15% off, which makes this collectors plate only $8.50.   This would make a great gift for a wedding gift or shower gift, and no one will ever know how little you spent on the gift.  Plus, since its collectable, it will appreciate in value over the years.  Win/win situation! 

So where does the name Flying Crabbit come from?   I contacted the owner of the shop, Jules and here's what she said in her own words:

"My buddy is a japanese bobtail. He looks like half his body is a white rabbit's, and the other half is a cats. Cat + rabbit gave him the nickname crabbit. He also continually jumps into my arms and lands like a butterfly...he's very good at this and looks like he's flying. Then, one day I shot that picture of him wearing some angel wings i had bought for my own halloween costume. and the flying + the crabbit came into my mind.

Also...the japanese bobtail is Japan's only pure bred cat and were once only allowed to be kept by royalty. The "maneki neko" cat that you'll see in the "about me" section on crabbit's fb page is legendary in japan and china and dolls and collectibles are sold by the million. it is said to bring good fortune when it waves at you."

The Flying Crabbit

I had seen the waving white cat in a lot of Japanese art and web sites and never knew what it meant.  Now I know!

The Crabbit has its own facebook page.   Check out the Crabbit. 

This pic cracks me up.   Love the  Crabbit's facial expression. 

The Flying Crabbit's Etsy shop is also on Facebook, stop by and give Jules a big like!  Flying Crabbit on Facebook

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