Thursday, October 11, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness and Good Karma from the Crystal Heart Factory

October is national breast cancer awareness month and its a cause that's very near and dear to me.   I lost my little sister to breast cancer.   Six months after her untimely death, I found out that I also had the disease.  I was the lucky sister, early detection saved my life.   Cue the music...."I'm a survivor!"

Rhonda Spruce from the Crystal Heart Factory is doing something to keep awareness focused on issue.  She hand makes crystal awareness hearts on Etsy. 

Rhonda began making the hearts 8 years ago after seeing one in a bead store offered as a class. It was love at first bead. At the time, she was working as a manicurist/pedicurist and many of her clients wanted them, so she  just started making them and charging them what they cost her to make. She is now an Etsy artisan.
Rhonda's family is a military family, her husband is in the Coast Guard and is is her biggest supporter.  He is the one who came up with the idea of putting the pink ribbon inside the Swarovski crystal heart. He also has come up with other designs for the inside of her crystal hearts. 
 Rhonda calls herself  a "Mon" trenuer as she is a stay at home to two gorgeous girls.  She crafts her hearts and will even teach anyone who wants to learn how to make them, including several of her uncles.  She is very generous in her donations, she donates hearts to every cause she can find. 

In her own words:  " The Pink Ribbon is by far the heart I have sold/given away the most of. Breast Cancer is a cause close to EVERYBODY'S heart. Including mine.  I want Breast Cancer cured. For you, for all survivors, so those who died from it, didn't do it in vain & for my 2 beautiful daughters, Abigail & Hailey (ages 2&4).  We believe here at the Crystal Heart Factory that Support=Awareness=Funding=Finding a Cure so we support everything we can. To this day, we have never said no to a request for a piece of jewelry to be donated to an event."
" All the donations have definitely brought us good karma. It has brought us some great positive attention lately and things are going so well that I have recently enlisted in the help of my mother in law. She is a computer whiz and great with the business marketing side of things. I am lucky she has come aboard and is as passionate about things as I am. It is really exciting for me."

Here is my heart from Rhonda.  I cherish it and will wear it proudly.   Because of efforts of wonderful people like Rhonda to raise funds and keep breast cancer awareness in the forefront, I am a survivor.   Early detection saves lives and Rhonda is contributing to the fight.   Run, not walk to The Crystal Heart Factory and get your heart.  Tell the world that you are a survivor or that someone you love has dealt with the disease.  Rhonda has a heart bigger than most people I know.   "HEART" her on Facebook and give some love back to her!  


  1. Well written and very informative!!

  2. Well written and very informative. Breast cancer awareness is close to my heart! And the hearts look amazing!


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