Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just what I've always wanted for my wedding! Toilet Paper!

I thought I've seen everything for weddings, but sometimes I see something that makes me smack my forehead and think what the heck? But after thinking about it awhile, I actually know people who would not only buy the products, but put it in a reception bathroom and think it was the PERFECT finishing touch. And we'd hear about it for years and years. And of course, it would be the talk of the reception. And we ALL have a relative just like that!

As for the monogrammed toilet paper, wouldn't that be the perfect gift for the person who has everything? Maybe I'll buy a set in the letter C in case George Clooney ever finds his way to my place. A girl can dream!

Designer Wedding Toilet Paper / Tissue - $ 8.50
These designer wedding toilet paper rolls are so cute! Each standard size 3-ply roll is individually packaged in a transparent gift container. Just Married Toilet Tissue or Shell Toilet Tissue are the perfect touch.

Monogrammed Toilet Paper - $ 8.75
These monogrammed toilet tissue rolls are so cute! The perfect personalization for your bathroom. Each monogram toilet tissue is printed with a gold letter on facial quality 2-ply toilet paper with non toxic safe inks and then individually wrapped.

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