Friday, September 28, 2007

Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

We credit singer Toni Braxton with starting the Tiffany blue wedding theme. When she married, her wedding cake was stacked gift boxed done in Tiffany's robin's egg blue and had ribbons done in white icing. She gave her guests monogrammed tiffany blue napkins that she had dry cleaned after dinner. The napkins were packed in a Tiffany box ready for them when they left the reception. Needless to say, her guests were impressed. It has been widely rumored she had to ask Tiffany & Co permission to use the color. Luckily for us, the color is becoming more available. For those of us who can't afford Toni's favors, we have a lot of suggestions for you to incorporate the color theme into their wedding.

Tiffany blue is a hard color to match in bridesmaid dresses. We've matched some of the bridesmaid manufacturers with the color that we feel are the closest match to Tiffany blue. We'll keep adding manufacturers as the spring 2008 fabric swatches arrive. Add your comments if you know of other manufacturers who have a tiffany blue color.

  • Mori Lee Tiffany Blue
  • Jordan Fashions Color Aqua
  • Mackenzie Michaels Color Tiffany
  • Forever Yours -Forever Bridals Color Aqua or Blue Topaz which is a shade deeper
  • Raylia Design Color Turquoise is a deeper shade but the same tone
  • Alexia Design Color Ice blue in pima satin
  • Aria Color aqua
  • Jim Jhelm Color Turquoise

Another suggestion is to use Tiffany blue as your accent color. We love Tiffany blue with chocolate brown and silver. The maids don't have to be solid Tiffany blue, they can be chocolate brown with blue trim . Forever Yours aka Forever Bridals two tones many their bridesmaid dresses and you can use your accent colors in the dresses. Forever Yours maids are very affordable, come with a matching purse and detachable spaghetti straps. Size range is to from size 1 to size 30.

Looking for more accent colors for Tiffany blue? Add a slice of lemon yellow to punch up your theme. They can be in your flowers or your ribbons.

Coral will give your Tiffany blue a Caribbean feel. Nice for a beach wedding.

Light peach gives Tiffany blue a softness of soft color.

Champagne accents will give your color palate a rich, elegant sophisticated air.

Here are some unusual invitations. Click on the pic for more info.

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Modern Toile Bridal Shower Mint Tins: Sky
Matches the invitation below:

The most amazing Tiffany inspired cakes!

Save the Date magnets, click here for more info.

Wedding reception ideas:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Tiffany Blue and Brown Flower Unity Candle and Tapers

How cool is this? THIS IS A REAL FIND! A disposable camera for your wedding reception tables done in Tiffany blue.
Click on the picture for more information.

Aqua M & M's Favor bags. Yum!


  1. I am looking for Tiffany Wedding Theme invitations. I would like the box invitations.

  2. I am looking for Tiffany Wedding Theme invitations. I would like the box invitations.


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