Friday, September 28, 2007

Planning Your Wedding

Today's bride attacks her wedding planning with the precision of a general planning a campaign. With all the resources available and being bombarded with information from the web and peers, its no wonder any bride is able to make any decision.

Be organized! Buy a wedding planner AND wedding planning software. Think of your wedding planner as your portable office. Keep a list of all your contacts, contracts and receipts so you have everything available for appointments with vendors. Your phone list will be invaluable when you sit down to confirm and check the details and progress of your wedding. Keep your wedding guest list on the computer, gift list, responses etc. This will be your lifesaver. That small purchase will make your life so much easier. Here is a great wedding planning software for brides AND grooms! Click Here!

Remember, an organized bride is a happy bride. Any glitch, and there will be glitches, can easily be ironed out if you are organized.

Hire a professional. Trust your wedding only to a professional. They know what they are doing and they'll do it with precision. You won't have the stress involved in using friends or family to do a job they haven't tackled before. You aren't going to get another chance or a "redo". Cut the stress, hire a professional, even if it means cutting the budget in a different category. I've heard horror stories from brides who wish they'd spent the money to hire a wedding professional. Don't be the bride who is crying because her wedding photos were ruined.

Don't second guess your decisions. Once you've hired your vendors or purchased your dress, stop shopping. Go on to the next decision. Don't second guess, don't fret. Trust your vendor to do their job.

Make a budget and work within your budget. When you save money in one area of your budget, roll the money into another area where you want to add some extras. Be realistic. Ask yourself "Do I really need this?" If the answer is no, cut it out of the budget. Shop within your budget. I highly recommend the book “How To Have Your Fairytale Wedding On A Shoestring Budget." Click Here! This will give you amazing tips for budgeting and saving money so you can have the extras of your dream wedding. Written by a wedding professional, these are insider tips.

Follow up. Follow up on all your vendors. They expect to hear from you occasionally. If you need reassurance, call them. Trust that they will do their job. You NEED to follow up, but if you bug them on a daily basis, they'll label you a troublemaker or worse, a BRIDEZILLA!

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