Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wedding Trends for 2008

Here is my list of hot wedding trends for 2008:

  • Eco friendly "green weddings" or incorporating elements of green into the festivities.
  • Wedding invitations on recycled papers or printing your own invites at home
  • Donating to an ecological cause (like donating to the National Arbor foundation) in lieu of a wedding favor
  • The bride and groom taking dance lessons so they can dance their first dance like the "stars".
  • Chocolate fountains at the reception
  • Romantic receptions with tiny glittering lights and candles
  • Outdoor wedding ceremonies
  • Incorporating elements of the bride and groom's personality into the wedding
  • Silly things like tambourines at the reception to get the bride and groom to kiss rather than clinking a glass with a spoon.
  • Unique wedding cakes and cup cakes trees
  • Colorful bouquets of flowers
Feel free to comment on the trends you see in your area!

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