Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's a Weddingzilla?

Weddingzilla is a blog dedicated to all things wedding and those of us who love weddings. I've been in the wedding business for 30 years. Weddingzilla is a term I coined. Weddingzilla an out of control person in the wedding. It could be a bride who would then be a Bridezilla. A bridesmaid would be a Maidzilla an an out of control mom of the wedding is a Momzilla. Weddingzilla is a term that encompasses all of them and more. Sometimes I'm the Weddingzilla! Or a Weddingzilla could just be a state of mind for feeling overwhelmed in the wedding planning process.

Wedding stress is normal. When it gets out of control, its time to talk the person down or run for cover.

I love the name Weddingzilla for the title of my blog. Its a term I've been using for years as the owner of a bridal salon. Dealing with women and sometimes men brides is not easy, but its ALWAYS interesting. Every day is a challenge, every day we sit with our heads in our hands shaking our head. I've met all kinds of people from the nicest to the truly weird. And I've loved every minute of it!

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