Sunday, October 7, 2007

Casablanca Bridal Gowns

Casablanca Bridals

An unbiased review from someone who just loves this company! Ok, I admit, I AM biased. I've sold wedding dresses for 30 years and rarely does a company come on the scene that produces wedding dresses that causes me to get excited and rave about the company. Great companies with great customer service, a superior product at an affordable price are rare in this business. Casablanca has managed to do all that and more.

Casablanca's designers have taken the time to figure out what women really want in a wedding dress. Brides want a good fit. They want to look and feel like a princess or a sophisticated woman on their wedding day. They want exquisite fabrics, laces, embroidery and real hand sewn crystals and beadwork. Casablanca delivers on all of the above.

Casablanca is known for their delicate embroidery and details. Their embellishments are not garrish, they are tasteful and feminine. Casablanca is known for cutting a great fitting dress. Not only will this company make the dress in regular or petite length, they'll do custom work as well. You need the gown shorter or longer? No problem. You want to add straps? How wide, beaded or plain? You want to add sleeves? Do you want satin, sheer, embroidery, lace, beading, long, short, cap, three quarter length? You love the dress but want the neckline higher? Lower? Want it sweetheart instead of rounded? The back lowered? No problem. They'll do it. They'll cut the dress to your exact measurements, and if you don't gain or lose an ounce, the dress will fit you exactly without any alterations. And, they include an inner bustle FREE in the train of the dress. That saves you $$$$, you don't need to pay a seamstress to bustle your dress for the reception.

I've NEVER received a problem dress from this company. I've never had a dress not match the measurements we've submitted. I've never had a dress with a spot or a stain. I can't say this about any other line of wedding dresses.

If you are shopping for your wedding dress, you owe it to yourself to try on Casablanca's wedding dresses. For the money you'll spend at a big box discount store, you can have a genuine Casablanca that will blow every other dress in its price range out of the water. It will fit better, look better and the quality will be light years ahead of what you see in this price range. Prices range from $599 and up. Your friends will think your've paid triple the amount!

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