Sunday, October 7, 2007

Celebrity Weddings, I'm Obsessed

I admit it, I am obsessed with celebrity weddings. I want to see all the pictures. I want to know who made the dress. I want to see what the attendants are wearing. I want to drool over the men in tuxedos. I HAVE to see the flowers, read the wedding menu, see the cake and hear about the music.

I don't know what fascinates me about celeb weddings. I don't know if its the opulence. I don't know if it comes from the money is no object so I can do everything that I want mindset. I don't know if its maybe an in your face sort of thing: I am a celebrity, therefore, I will produce my wedding with the same gusto that the producer does in one of my movies.

I don't know what piques my interest, I just know that I have to see it. And its not just me, there are a lot of you out there! You know who you are. Its going to be discussed by my brides, they'll dissect the bride's hairdo, talk about her wedding ring and the shoes she wore. I will admit that I'll drive home and run into the house just to see Entertainment Tonight so I can see the photos. I need to get a life.

I remember being glued to the television watching Prince Charles marry Diana. The pomp and circumstances kept us talking for weeks. then there was Prince Charles' wedding to Camilla. (Why do the British call her Camiller?) We were transfixed by the hats. We just don't see hats like that here.

There are weddings that cause us to smack our heads: Star Jones Reynold's wedding excess; Tom Cruise marrying Katie Holmes, a Catholic girl from Ohio in a Scientology wedding in a castle in Italy; Britany Spears and anyone; Pam Anderson and Kid Rock and today's bride, Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon.

We really want to wish them happily ever after. We want them to live happily ever after. But lets face it, do we believe it? Or do we really care?

But I just know that tomorrow, someone will ask me for a dress like Kate Walsh wore or a dress that looks like Cinderella's dress when she married Prince Charming. And I'll laugh and hit the dress racks. I'm with one of my own.

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